Life at the House

When I can lately I still
surf Pinterest but
with Lily I am finding that
hard. She loves walking
across the keyboard!

But look what I found!
I love.
Might need to start on 
Halloween crafts now.

haha....last week when going
through my scrapbook I 
ran across this.

It was in the local newspaper
back in 1976
Bicentennial year. 
It was taken at school.
I was dressed the part and 
so was Wendy. The little
girl I used to babysit.
And Marty was a year older
than I. 

Also found this...
Minnie Pearl came to the school
once to talk to the seniors.

Meet Becky.
My brother that just lost
his dog has to cats.
Zuzu and Zora AKA Becky.
Mom has Zu at her home and
I go to their place to feed
Becky. Isn't she pretty?

Check this out. 
Getting to be friends. 

This is how it was on the deck
She loves to be close.

And she loves to sleep on me.

Haha....this is my brothers yard.
You might think I am strange
with the wild doors and stuff.
Or painting a vine in the crack
in my side walk....

Check this out.
I love it. huh?

Went to Nashville to meet
my daughter Sat.
I was actually on the other
side of Nashville that I
never travel. I loved the view
from where I was.

Gotta get up now and head
out. Lily is in the bathroom sleeping
and Dakota is on the couch sleeping
and I am heading to an antique store.
Needing something for my 
older brothers bday.

Thanks for stopping in,


Denise inVA said…
A fun post. I like Pinterest too. Cute photos of your pup and kitty. Enjoyed the other photos, thanks Pam and have a good one :)
Debbie said…
Cute, cuddly critters!! It is so sweet how they bond!! Halloween?! Really, I guess it is good to get an early start!!
S. J. Qualls said…
Lily and Dakota have become friends ... how nice!
Rhodesia said…
Lily is doing well, they really seem to be making friends. Love the cutting of you in fancy dress. Take care Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Aw how cute the new pals are. LILY IS SO CUTE
Mildred said…
Kittens heads seem too heavy for their tiny little body! Lily is a sweetie. Of course, you know I love all cats. Love that Dakota snuggles with her.
Liz A. said…
It's never too early to start Halloween projects ;) Perhaps this year I'll make some more spiders. I found an interesting bat pattern. Hmmm...
Jeanie said…
Love all these bits and pieces -- and I agree. It's never too early to begin Halloween!

Sweetest kitten!

And thanks for coming by the Gypsy today -- I so enjoy your comments!
I have several friends Pam that has already started on Halloween and Fall decor pieces. Another friend has her Christmas bought and wrapped for her immediate family members! WHOA! Mercy, I am not that organized. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Darla M Sands said…
I'm with Liz. My partner has requested I make another pipe cleaner spider. The old one fell apart when a group of gamers used it to represent a space spider playing Star Fleet Battles (before computer gaming!) over and over. ~grin~ Happy Antiquing!
Robert Bennett said…
It's always great when you do some cleaning. I've stumbled across old mementos more than once. Sometimes it's sad. Sometimes it's amazing.

Oh, and the kitties are adorable. ;)
sage and spirit said…
Minnie Pearl! Wow, does that remind me of the 70's! And that Lily....she is adorable! She and Dakota are so cute together!

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