Today In A Nut Shell

Today was an uneventful type
of day.  The dog and I just
chilled most of the day. 

I did want to share with you some
things I ran across on facebook.

Totally me!

LOL...I love it!

I found this interesting. 

Probably the first time in 
years that I do not have
rosemary in a pot on the
deck. I usually have it (I love the
smell) and basil. 

Ran across this today

That is me. I do something 
for a day or two and I am
down for several. 

I was on PINTEREST surfing
today, looking up doorstops that
I could make out of wood. 

Then I keyed in doorstops....
and I found this

I might just have to order this.
I love it!

Took this today to send to
a friend I have not seen
in a long time.

I feel like I am rocking 
the loss of  55 lbs!

My dog has been acting really strange
for a couple of months now when
I wish to sleep. starts about 2:30 or 3 
am. He wakes and I guess he can't
go back to sleep so I am 
supposed to be a wake too

I finally realized that maybe it
is lack of activity during the
day.  Maybe he is laying around
too much and can't sleep.
So, I decided that we both 
would take a walk in the evening.

While walking, he was sniffing
and we walked up on this.

Oh I though it perfect and I needed
a shot. A dog and fire hydrant!

This is him now.

Hosta is in bloom!

I am not sure how many of
you are on Facebook
but to me
Facebook is
all about fun.
I am always asking folks
to get involved in 
something like sending me
pics of usual mailboxes,
strange street signs...

Now I am asking them to 
send me pics of their 
interesting front
doors! It can be something 
painted on them, a cool
color or a nice door decoration.

Here is my front door.
(posted before)

And my door decoration.
(could not just have a regular

Send me your door if you have
something cool to show on it.

Thanks for stopping by, 


Ann said…
If your shoes will take me to the craft store I'll gladly wear That door stop is so clever and unique. Love it. I like your current door decoration too. That's a really neat idea.
Ann said…
Oh and I was going to say that I wish more people used facebook for fun instead of whining and complaining.
Rhodesia said…
I am not sure if you can see this without signing in but my favourite door is this one in Angouleme
All my best photos are on viewbug under the name Porsche. If you cannot see it, my FB page is under the name of my Mum, 'Dulcie Beak' send me a link and I will forward you the photo.

You are looking fantastic and the weight loss is very impressive. Congratulations ans keep up the good work. Diane
Mildred said…
Good Morning, We take our little terrier/chihuahua mix on several walks per day because he does get bored...not long walks, just on the street in front of the house. It does help!
My front door was black, and when we moved here a year ago, we had it painted red - it took about 8 coats of paint - even with a primer! You asked about our pets...we have 6 rescue cats and 1 dog. My oldest cat is 14. Enjoy your day.
Sally said…
You look so great, Pam. And, you surely don't need to lose more weight!

Love the fire hydrant. I hope that taking a walk in the mornings will give you and your little dog more sleep. :)

Darla M Sands said…
Sorry to say our door is pretty dull, though I have a cute piece of art on the inside featuring a curious cat sniffing a mouse in front of a pot of 'concerned' anthropomorphic daisies. ~grin~ Take care! I hope you have a good weekend and can find a balance of activity for you and your sweet pup.
Sandra said…
wow on the new you minus 55.. great shot... I am stalled at 30 pounds but going down a pound a week which means I have 15 pounds and at least 15 weeks before I can match your 55. but I will not be as small as you when I reach to 55.. I don't decorate anything so nothing on my door to take. I agree about the walk, that should help. odd it just started up.
Cindy said…
Congrats on the weight loss. You look just right to me. I also have a dog, but he's only 10 months old and seems to be awake most of the day wanting to play. It makes it hard to get writing done.
Pam the door stops are so cute. I don't have anything on my door at the moment as I had to remove the wreath yesterday. There was a huge wasp nest in it. Oh there is a pineapple door knocker on it. Congratulations on your weight loss---that is awesome! ♥
Debbie said…
i know about pacing one's self....just do it and never ever feel like you wasted a day. sometimes, "a wasted day" provides us with a better tomorrow. i have a plain black front door - i can't hang anything on it or the birds will build a nest ;)
Debbie said…
forgot about the door stops, very cute!!! just an overall good post!!!
Debbie said…
so clearly, my memory sucks!!! you look AWESOME!!!!!!
Liz A. said…
My door is boring. Love those door stops.
Red Rose Alley said…
Wow, you look great, Pam. This is not an easy thing to do at all. I've been trying to cut down also, and it's hard, as I love good food. : ) Your dog is too cute. I've been wanting to get a dog lately, but pups are a lot of work.

Have a wonderful week.


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