Happy Birthday Mark

Today my brother turns
This pic below was
taken at his 50 bday. 

He was such a sport wearing
the hat I made him!

Happy Birthday Mark!

While looking for pics of
Mark I ran across this
He was crawldaddy hunting in
my creek a couple years ago
and he acted like he was
going to eat it!

Mark loves dark chocolate so
I got him some
dark choc. with almonds.
And I made him a candy jar.
Oops...no pic.
I took an old pickle jar, 
spray painted the lid
and with my trusty
E6000 glue
I added a white knob
to the lid.

And I painted him this.
He likes roosters!

I think he really liked it.
Everyone on FB did.
Had several ask where they
could get one!
That makes me feel

HAHA....saw this on 
Pinterest and
sent it to a friend and
told her this is why
I make a good friend.
She agreed.

Thanks for stopping in today,


Mildred said…
Happy Birthday to your brother! The rooster art is fantastic - great job!
Ann said…
Happy Birthday to your brother. Hope he enjoyed his day
Happy Birthday to your brother Mark..The hand paint picture of the rooster is a cool gift
Coffee is on
Liz A. said…
Happy birthday to your brother.

Yeah, agreed on the weird. It's much nicer not to have to hide the weirdness.
Happy Birthday to your bro! I don't have a brother - always wanted one! Love your sweet gifts. Weird is definitely wonderful! x Karen
Darla M Sands said…
Aw, happy birthday to him. Nice picture of the rooster! And I like that comment about being weird, too. That's why I like my Facebook group Geek Asylum. ~grin~ Hope you feel well and rested today.
Debbie said…
happy birthday to your sweet brother mark!!! you are such a creative soul, great gifts!!! weird = unique = awesome!!!
Sandra said…
I love that last quote and it fits me to... yuck on the crawdad eating... my brother used to chase me with those little critters.. Happy Birthday to Mark
Red Rose Alley said…
Happy Birthday to your brother, Pam. What a funny picture of him with that critter. Oh, he likes my favorite things too - dark chocolate with almonds and roosters. I have been looking for a white rooter for my kitchen. I just love your delightful posts, Pam.

Denise inVA said…
Your brother looks like a great guy, fun to be around. Happy Birthday to him even though I am late. Your rooster card is great and I can certainly understand why it was so popular. Love the friend quote, it is good to be a little weird, good to be different.
Robert Bennett said…
Happy Birthday!

Also, don't you have to cook those crawdads first? XP
Rhodesia said…
Love your painting, you are very clever. Well done Diane

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