Guest Room

Double Vision........
or set flowers in front of the mirror!

Yes, these are from my garden.
I love them on the bush but
I love to cut them and bring
them in also.

I started a project almost 2 months ago.
With good days and bad days I was 
able to finally get the most of it done.

This is my guest room window.
Notice, no framing of the window.

My very first attempt to cut angles! Yay....and its
framed out now.

This is with the framed window 
painted out and
the walls painted. Sorry, this is 
not the correct
color. It is showing dark in this pic.

 The top was all that was left when I took
the pic. It is done now.
This one wall has bead board 1/2
way up. 

Floor will be next. I also have new closet doors
that will need to be hung and a new door with an
antique door knob I picked up at an antique 

I can remember when ripping up carpet, putting
up bead board, painting the ceiling and the walls
would have taken ONE day. Now it has taken 
right over 2 months. This Fibro is for the pits.

Thanks for stopping in,


Red Rose Alley said…
It looks like you are doing some projects around your house, Pam. The hydrangeas are so pretty. I never really appreciated them much until I saw them in many of my blog friend's gardens.

Have a wonderful week.

Rhodesia said…
I really like that frame, but it is something we could never do here, we have stone walls and trying to hang anything on the wall is a nightmare. Having said that I love the stone and they are all about 3 foot thick. Cool in summer, but they hold the inside heat from the fire in winter. Take care and hope you feel better Diane
Sandra said…
I am totally impressed at your carpenter skills, I can't cut a straigt line, I mean that to and when I measured even if I measure twice it is never right. hubby can building anything, but not me..
Jeanie said…
Good for you! Right now mine is filled with stuff to go to the lake and leftovers from the shower remodel/installation. If someone dropped in to stay, I'd give them my bed and go to Rick's! I'd better follow in your footsteps.
Darla M Sands said…
You're amazing. I don't think I ever could have done all that in one day. I'm so sorry for your physical burdens. ~hugs~ Nice job, too!
Liz A. said…
Getting it all done is an accomplishment no matter how long it takes. I don't know how to do half of that. (I can paint a wall. That's about it.)
Ann Thompson said…
Prey hydrangas. I hope mine actually blooms this year. Dont feel bad about taking so long to do that room. I don't have fibro and take forever ro get home improvement projects done

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