Brothers Surprised Bday Party

It is not often that you can
pull anything over on 
my oldest brother Ray, but
my sis in law Lori was able
to pull off a surprise bday 
party for him.

You see Ray's bday is on the 23rd
and Lori's daughter Jessica's bday
is on the 24th. 

Lori told Ray that Jessica
was having a party at their
other home and they
needed to take her gift
to her and check on things.

Ray and Lori coming in carrying 
Jessica's birthday. 

This is about the time Ray
realized it was for him.
(flash did not fire, so
photo not so good).

Folks he had not seen in 
years were there. 

This is the cake the one
of my best friends bakery made.
Nice job.

I took banana bread
and apple bread and some

This is the cake that 
Julies bakery made for 

Some of the balloons I blew up
and fixed up the house with.

Guys that Ray worked with.

Wayne and Shelly.

Jessica is the blonde with pink
in her hair. 
She turned 25.
Cobi, Ray's son in the hat.
Sean is the other guy, Lori's son. 
And one of Jessica's friends. 
The littlest guy is Cole,
my great nephew.

in the pic below is Ray's college
roommate Witt and his wife.

More folks Ray worked with.

My sis in law, Lori and Jessica.

Cole looking out to his 
Papa (Ray).

My niece Paige, her hubby Adam and

Brother and sis....Chase and Paige.
Congrats to Paige also, not only
did she recently get her masters
in Agricultural Science she just
got a teaching job last week.
She will be teaching at Columbia
State Community College starting
in August. So proud of her.

There were lots more pics I took that 
evening. I will be burning to a disc for
Ray later today. 

So excited that the party was a 
total surprise for him!

On another note...I am off cat
feeding/sitting duty for my
younger brother Mark.
They got back in from
Fla. yesterday.

Today I am playing catch up.
I slept most of the day yesterday
due to the fibro so I really
need to try and get something
done today. 
Wish me well with that...

Thanks for stopping in,


Sharon said…
Looks like quite the party. Great that he was surprised!
MadSnapper said…
both cakes are so pretty, my first ever tie died cake. I like it. looks like a fun party for a all and a big surprise for Ray... glad you are catching up on your sleep
Ann Thompson said…
Love the cakes. Looks like everyone had a good time
Liz A. said…
Their birthdays are a day apart? That's, um, convenient. I think.
Darla M Sands said…
I hope you're feeling better! What a lovely family.
Rhodesia said…
Glad all went well. Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
Fun times! Those brownies look sooooo good. You know, brownies and chocolate cake are my favorite desserts. I do hope you're feeling better, Pam. :)


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