Breads and Baking

No clue why but since
my surgery I have wanted
to bake breads.

Pinned a bunch of breads
on Pinterest.
I decided even though I would
not be eating them I 
could still bake and 
give them away!

Wed. I baked blueberry/lemon
bread. I used Stevia
instead of sugar. 
Without looking it up I 
assumed Stevia was sweeter
then sugar so I did not add as
much Stevia as it called for
in sugar form. 

Bread was good but not as sweet
as I think it should have been.

Took a couple of pieces to 
my brother, he had surgery
on Tuesday, day before his
be day. He said he liked it.

Today I decided to go with 
Applesauce Bread.

And then I decided to take
the Applesauce directions
and add banana to it.

here is the Applesauce/banana Bread.

Both tasty. 
I think if I make them again
I will add more cinnamon to

And here are all three
of them. 

Maybe this is out of my system
now. HAHA....
Always been more
of a baker then a cook.

Thanks for stopping in, 

Love this...
and it makes 
I was born in Feb!


Ann Thompson said…
All the breads sound good but I would bake them and then eat the whole thing myself
S. J. Qualls said…
Looks good!
Anonymous said…
The breads all look delicious. I once made a bread using plum baby food in the recipe - it was moist and tasty! Have a happy weekend.
Sandra said…
I am having a hard time understanding someone who loves to cook and cooks what they can't eat... I hate cooking with a passion, I even hate boiling eggs. following a recipe is torture to me and it never comes out like it should... PLUS if I did bake it would not be given away. we all have our own things we love, at least my addiction to playing in software has no calories. but after I typed that it does make me in active which is as bad as calories. I am rambling. sorry
Darla M Sands said…
I was born day after St. Valentine's Day. ~grin~ And I do have tenacity!
Rhodesia said…
I was born in August but I am still stubborn!!! The breads look good Diane.
Red Rose Alley said…
Your blueberry lemon bread looks Yummy, Pam. I have been baking a lot as well. Have you ever baked bread? Haven't had homemade bread and butter in a long time. I sure miss that.

Jeanie said…
I know why! Bread is fabulous! And these look really delish!

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