Back Roads Barns

If you read the post yesterday
you know that I took out
with my camera for what
I call a
Ride Round!

And you have also learned
that I have a album on 
facebook for 
churches and mailboxes.
Well, I also have one for
barns and rustic
So here a a few that 
I found while 
out riding around.

Just had to stop in the middle
of the road and shoot this.
It makes a statement all its own.

Stopping in the middle of the
road is doable most days
if you are on country back roads!

Yesterday I showed a few
mailboxes that I saw along
the way but totally forgot
these two.

Thanks for stopping in, 


S. J. Qualls said…
I used to love driving around, looking for old barns and houses. It's a nice way of passing the time.
Denise inVA said…
That is a great collection. Thanks for the tour on those pretty country back roads. Love going on them myself :)
Rhodesia said…
Your barns are so different to most of ours which are all built from stone. Take care Diane
Sandra said…
they are gorgeous. I had not thought about putting photos in album on FB, I don't post often I just go and read to see what idiotic things my family are doing. I love each and everyone of these.
Darla M Sands said…
Nice photos! 'Ride round' makes me think of an Aussie 'walk about'. And thanks for asking about my stories.

To answer your question I write erotica that may feature a little more sex than the average reader would appreciate. ~grin~ The stories revolve around a young woman who doesn't know her father is a black leopard shapeshifter until she meets the guitarist of a band named BloodMoon (no space, actually, I goofed on my post) who happens to be a werewolf. With a human wife who dies in childbirth, the man tried to protect his daughter from those wanting to keep humans and therianthropes from interbreeding. (TMI? I do ramble ~snicker~) Anyway, while told from her viewpoint the series' favorite character of mine is her red wolf lover.

By the way, you inspired me to move a fan to my back patio to enjoy it despite the heat and humidity. Hope you're having a lovely day!
Robert Bennett said…
Aww. Makes me think of back home in the Carolinas. Don't really see barns or woods in LA.
Old barns are so lovely, Pam. The one's you featured are just beautiful. To think of all the activity and age that has happened in them! Neat mailboxes as well. I like to take a ride round as well---good for the soul. ♥
Liz A. said…
A picture expedition. How fun.
Ann Thompson said…
I love love love barns. Therejust something about them. You found some good ones
Wonderful to see the old barns. They are like people, full of stories and character as they age. The mailboxes are wonderful, too. x Karen
Red Rose Alley said…
These are charming barns, and I especially like the red ones. I've been wanting to take a drive in the country lately. You see lots of barns in the country. These are great pictures, Pam.


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