Another All Round Post

Still on the color kick for doors and
stuff! HAHA

This painted lady is just a couple
of blocks from my house. 
Hard to tell all the different colors.
Need to take my camera over to 
get a better shot.

Saw this one the other day...that color is popping.

And this is a bright blue!

I think I posted this pink one the other day....

So yesterday was the party for my
brothers 60th bday. 
It was catered and one of
my oldest friends who owns
a bakery made the cakes. 

But....I made banana bread and
apple bread to take.
Picked up some cookies
and sweet and unsweet tea

Nope...I have not loaded the pics
yet but I will do my best to 
get to that tomorrow.

Found some cool 
mailboxes the other
day. A gaggle of geese!

This one is really cool.

60 lbs down. 
And of course the black 
is slimmer.

Been feeding my brothers black cat
Zora while they are in Fla.
and their other cat Zuzu
is staying at moms.

Zu was found under my 
brothers shed last yr. She
was about 3 weeks old. 
She is what the vet called
a tortoise shell cat.
My daughter works at a 
vet and says they are the
worst for having a 
Believe me Zuzu has
her days!


Not been crafting or building
my lately. Fibro has really been
kicking but I found this
out in the shed. 

Its the back of an old rocker
my sis in law gave me to play
with. The rocker was in really 
rough shape so I took it apart and
stored it in the shed. 

Yesterday I decided that it would
be a cool towel rack in the

Be sure and read the white towel. 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Sharon said…
You are looking so much better and I don't just mean the weight loss.
Ann said…
I like the color blue but I'm not crazy about it on the house in the third picture down. Neat idea for a towel rack and that towel is pretty funny
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so sorry you're feeling unwell. Thank you for sharing pictures. Take care!
MadSnapper said…
Ha ha on the towel, my hubby said to me do NOT put that on FB... the photo of him in the hospital bed. I did not. yet. I like doors painted pretty but not wild colors, I like the color to go with the rest of the house. there is a home here that is very old and has purple and egg plant and other colors. at first I hated it but now I like it.
Wow, some quite different mailboxes. I think the towel rack is cute and you are looking hot girl! I've been thinking about painting my front door a different color. Hubby not sold on it though. Have a good day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Stephanie Faris said…
Those are some BRIGHT doors. We had a guy next door to us in our old house that had the worst taste. He painted his front door a weird aqua color like that. He also had gaudy chandeliers and bright-colored tiles throughout his house. I could hardly stand to walk through it! Hope you feel better soon!
Liz A. said…
Once upon a time, I used to drive by a bright GREEN house. And when I described it, I would yell GREEN. That's how bright it was. Brighter than that blue by miles.
Rhodesia said…
Congrats on the 60 lb I am duly impressed as it is not easy. Love the mail boxes, they are fun. Diane

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