All Around Post

I never seem to do just a plain old
post on just one thing anymore!

Daughter asked for a tall table
for her boyfriend for Fathers Day. 

Apparently he has a lot of Hank Jr. stuff that 
she wanted the table for. 

Not bad for the first time building. Hope it
don't fall apart!

My Egyptian Bean Vine has really taken
off and crawled right up the baby bed
treills. I love it.

The blooms on my vine.

My marigolds finally came up and bloomed.

Now is not too cute.
While taking care of Zora, my sis in laws
cat while they are away....I stepped out
of my nieces bathroom when I filled the
bowls today and got the crap scared out
of me. 
Yep...its Harry Styles from One Direction!

After that I took a look around the room...
Love it when I see things I have made.
Holly loves Wicked and actually introduced
me to the play. So I painted this for her
a couple of yrs ago.

I think I gave her this one for her 16th bday. 
She loved it so I made sure she got it.

Went shopping at Cracker Barrel today. They 
have usual and cute gifts.
Did not get anything made for my 
brothers Bday so I went and 
purchased something. Will post
that after I give to him.

Almost got this for is a key ring and would
go awesome in my collection and it is just
like the camera I had at 12.

Might get the boys this for part of their Christmas.

Love, love, love this. For the soap in the 

That is it for my all around post. 
Sorry to jump from this to that.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Ann said…
No need to apologize for covering multiple items in your post. Don't they say that variety is the spice of life? Besides it's your blog and you should post about what makes you happy.
I love going through the Cracker Barrel store. They have the neatest things in there.
Ann said…
Oh and I forgot to say that table is great. I wish I could do stuff like that
S. J. Qualls said…
Neat table! Nice gift.
Like that dragonfly tile.
Darla M Sands said…
Fun post and awesome table. You amaze me.

Now for your question about cat litter boxes. Do you use clumping litter? I do not. Our cats are used to the loose litter in which to bury their feces. And they drink so much water that the one time I tried clumping litter it was a nightmare. ~grin~ I'd have to scoop every day.

And that, I do not do (we may have become nose 'blind'; I'm not sure). I actually take out the entire liner box full of used (large grain clay granule) litter once a week for garbage day, which is Thursday. Then I scoop pooh on Sundays.

In addition, I understand that you should have a litter box for every cat plus one (in your case two then, of course ~grin~). And if you have more than one floor, every floor should offer one. Three floors and one cat? Three boxes. My brother and sister-in-law refused to follow this advice and the cat used their son's laundry on his bedroom floor to do his business. There house also reeks of urine so bad that my eyes burn after spending more than a few minutes inside, though. So who knows what else they are doing or not doing.

In our case we own a ranch style house with a walk-out basement. So there is one on the linoleum near the sliding glass door downstairs and two in the hall bathroom on the main floor (we had three cats for a long time). It's not ideal but we rarely entertain guests. And if someone leaves a stinky 'deposit' we can run the exhaust fan.

The key is do whatever works. Mats to collect the litter between their toes failed. They jumped over. ~rolls eyes~ Oh, well. I'd rather see litter tracked about a bit than having them urinate or poop elsewhere in the house.

Now that the cats are older and we have just the two, the box downstairs is used so rarely I seldom mess with it. On that note, be prepared for changing habits. We had issues years ago with cats peeing by the door to our back deck in the kitchen(!) and learned they probably reacted to raccoons marking outside on the deck.

But as you may know, they don't like *us* making changes. ~sigh~ So switching litter types and sometimes even brands is not a good idea. Another brand offers a coupon? I pass.

We buy from the local Sam's Club store in bulk (fifty pound bags are a pain, but I get an extra workout!) and, now this may be useless information for you, but their Private Selection brand is the same as Tidy Cats non clumping.

Oh, and experts don't recommend covered boxes but we have used them in the past with no issues. Hope I haven't overwhelmed you! ~hugs~ Be well.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, I like the dragonfly tile. The tall table is really nice too. It looks sturdy, and the wood gives it a rustic look. I love to find unique and one- of- a- kind things too while out shopping.

Rhodesia said…
As I have said before you ave a good eye for spotting interesting things. Diane
Jeanie said…
I really love the table! And you're right about Cracker Barrel. They have some really good finds there (and the breakfast isn't half bad either!)

Thanks fro coming by my blog!
Liz A. said…
Jumping around is cool. Oooh, I could knit a checkerboard...

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