A Dogs Life

HAHA...and with that
title, A Dogs Life...
I start the blog with what
appears to be an exhausted 
I heard him this morning
making so much noise in
this tree so I tracked 
him down...

this is what I found!

Now moving on to the Dogs Life...

Dakota spotted a squirrel. 
Keep in mind, he is a rat terrier
bred for hunting rodents!

He is stalking now.

Moving up slowly!

Lose some of that weight
and he might just
catch him one!

Now a roll in the yard.

Chilling on the deck now!

Thanks for stopping in, 

Found in the internet!


Rhodesia said…
Lovely photos of Dakota. I so miss not having a dog, but as we want to travel it really is not fair to keep putting them in kennels. Take care Diane
Mildred said…
These pictures are just adorable!

The vet thinks our rescue is Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua mix. Our previous dog was a mini dachshund - her personality was nothing like Theo's. lol
Ann said…
OMG that squirrel is cracking me up. Dakota looks like he had a great time out there hunting squirrel. He also looks quite handsome against the red background of the chair.
Sandra said…
cant type for laughing at the Caution at the end. I need that for ME.. LOL... I may have to make one with my picture on it... looks like Dakota wore that squirrel out or maybe it was worn out because it is spring time and squirrel making is going on
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome photos! He's so adorable.
Jeanie said…
He's looking very happy! I can tell he's a wonderful companion.
Robert Bennett said…
He looks so proud of himeself!
Sally said…
So fun to watch our pets, and Dakota is no exception. Great post, Pam.
Denise inVA said…
Dakota is a great name for that sweet pooch of yours Pam. Love the photos of him and the squirrel, the lighting is marvelous :)
Debbie said…
this is so sweet!! my squirrels strike that pose as well, usually on the deck rail. we call i "the sympathy pose"!!!

as for the birds, nice that you have some pretty visitors, woodpeckers are very difficult to photograph!!!
sage and spirit said…
Dakota is such a handsome little man and I love the way he stalks his prey. My two rez dogs are the same way with lizards....I just have to watch that they don't actually catch them and eat them!
Liz A. said…
A dog's life indeed.

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