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Hey Bloggers!
Was reading blogs this morning when I visted http://curiousasacathy.com/   ....she did a question and answer blog so I thought I would follow in her steps and do that today.
  1. What did you want to be when you were a kid? I went through this phase of wanting to be a fashion designer. I was always drawing dresses and clothes on my papers at school, my folders and notebooks! Funny that I would want to be that since I have never been into fashion. I do not wear name brand clothes and I dress with what I feel good wearing! Then I decided since I loved cutting my dolls hair that I would be a hair stylist! LOL....yep, that did not turn out either. 
  2. Which “Friends'” character do you relate to the most? Why?   Gosh I don't know.  Not the OCD Monica for sure. Maybe the flippy Phoebe!! HAHA...I like her cause she don't give a crap what people think of her! But, no I am not the flaky. Joey is a bit like Phoebe, flaky in a male way. So not him. Rachel, level headed but jumps before thinking. Candler is the level headed with humor. So I think that would be me with a hint of Rachel and a hint of Phoebe! 
  3. Do you like your name? Why?  Well I guess after 57 yrs it has grown on me. haha!! When I was growing up I wanted a boys name like Billie, Bobbie or something like that. I would for sure rather be called Pam and not my real given name of Pamela. I think of my mom being mad at me when I hear Pamela!!!
  4. Are you messy or neat? Messy....yep, that is me. I have never been one that was organized and I never put things back where they went when I got them out but....with the fibro the last 5 yrs have been rough. On good days I like to do something fun and the house has suffered due to it. Yep....I am messy. 
  5. How tall are you?5’2″.. I grew fast, was taller then most of the folks in my elementary school class but the summer of 6th grade I stopped and was past up by everyone. 
  6. How tall were you when you were 10? Probably my given 5'2
  7. What is your guilty pleasure? I would say chocolate or ice cream now. 
  8. What are you saving money for right now? Trip to Calif to see my son
  9. How many Pringle’s can you eat at once? You know these things are addicting.....with that said, the whole can before my surgery....now probably only about 10 or so. If that many. 
  10. Tea or coffee? Tea -sweet was my tea of choice all my life but when I developed diabetes in 2012...I stopped the sweet part. 
  11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I have always been an extrovert, but the last few years I have become more of a hermit making me more of a introvert I think. Pain tends to change you.
  12. What will be your Halloween costume this year?  I don't plan this far in advance....I was a witch last yr. I have been an old woman, a clown, Minion, vampire and my fav was Ms Peacock with a candle stick in the library over the yrs. But this yr......guess we will wait and see. Losing all this weight maybe something sexy!
  13. Sweet or salty?  Been staying away from sweets since surgery....so I guess salty.
  14. Favorite social media? I guess Facebook. Then Pinterest and then blogging. 
  15. Who is the last person you kissed? Person.....gosh, its been so long. Shame the dog is not a person! Maybe a grandson!
  16. What is your favorite breakfast? Pancakes
  17. When is your birthday? Feb. I am actually a sweetheart baby born on the 14th
  18. When did you start your blog? I started in 2008....never having any followers because with work I did not have the time to put into hunting blogs to follow, following them....just since I retired I have found all you great bloggers
  19. What is your opinion on the Kardashians? Who? Oh them....I pay them no attention.
  20. How would you describe your style? Comfortable!
  21. What color is your hair? I was born with almost black hair. Dark brown through life till I started playing with dye and then it went from dark brown, to light, to blonde, to reddish brown....forgetting my true color until I started letting the gray grow in and I saw lots of DARK color, it was not long before the gray took over
  22. What color socks are you wearing? its summer time, I don't put those on in the summer.
  23. What is your dream job? Job.....I am retired, who wants to go back to work. HAHA probably something in photography or painting. 
  24. Dogs or cats? I am a dog person
  25. What makes you weird?  I have a lot of thoughts or behavior that tends to turn me to the weird out look. Actually I am a nut, silly and joking around all the time. My nieces and nephews love me but think I am strange.....is that the same as weird? One calls me different, one calls me flamboyant ...so I don't know!
  26. Celebrity crush? Donny Osmond to this day
  27. Opinion on cigarettes?  never been a smoker. Don't like it. Can't be in a closed room or car with it. 
  28. Do you want/have children? How many? I have two. My daughter is 36 Amber and my son Cory will soon be 30. 
  29. Three favorite boy names. Caleb, Braden, Cory
  30. Three favorite girl names. Britney, Amber, ??
HAHA...wasn't that fun!

Thanks for stopping in, 


Liz A. said…
These are always interesting. It's also pretty telling about the person who came up with the questions, don't you think.

As for introvert or extrovert, I think it has to do with whether being around people gives you energy or exhausts you. If you still like being around people, even though you don't go out as much due to illness, you're still an extrovert.
Denise inVA said…
Well that's quite a list, I enjoyed reading yours. Fun to do. I'll have to think about it.
Sandra said…
it was fun and now we know a lot more about you.. I was 5'6'' at age 13 and stayed that way until 2 years ago when I found with my old age I have dropped to 5'4''. broke my heart.
my favorite breakfast is sausage gravy and biscuits.. or bacon with grits. I am well know for being Mad (weird)
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, lovely to learn a little more about you! Have a great week!
Sally said…
Wow - those are great questions and gives us more insight about you, Pam! A Valentine's baby, that's so cool. I had a friend with that birthday, so it was easy to remember when his was.

Now I know your age, reverse it and you have mine. :)

Ann Thompson said…
I like posts like these. You learn a little something new. My dad was born on Valentines day too
Jeanie said…
I always think these are fun, especially when it's a blogger I haven't been following for years, so I especially enjoyed it here!
Al said…
Fun. I never understood dogs OR cats - I love them both!
Weekend-Windup said…
It was good reading all the questions and answers in your blog:)
Rhodesia said…
So interesting, loved this post. Take care Diane

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