Sleepless Night/Critter with Wings/Rain

So last night was one
of those nights that sleep
would not come.

So I finished reading a book
I had started.

Then I decided to paint.
Simple yet adorable.
Everyone on Facebook is
loving this painting.

Then I decided to get a bit
Yesterday I was walking into the
kitchen, I glanced up and
saw the hawk sitting on the
shed. Snuck out
to the deck and shot this.

I did venture out into the yard and
was doing great till I step out of
hiding from the front of the shed
and off he/she went!

Yesterday while meeting with
Debbie to pass off the
donated painting this
critter flew by.

So beautiful!
And it was big is size.

The other night I flipped channels
to HGTV - Bargain Hunting Beach
Front Property. This flashed
up on the screen.

A dog in a bikini!
HAHA....seen it all now I think.

I was working hard on 2017
Christmas ornaments and I
guess I got bored so I put them
down and today I have picked them
up again.

Been working on this one.
Any clues what this might be?

My brother is a Vanderbilt fan.
So it is a Vandy V.
Pretty cool huh?

Storms are rolling in from
West TN. today.
One went through earlier and
it was raining really hard.

Even more moving up and some
with tornado warnings.
Oh yay.....guessing I need to go
sat up Dakota and my spot.

Lived here 25 yrs. and had 3 go right
over the house. The first one
took my Crape Mrytle bush and twisted
it where it grew strangely for yrs.

The next were the tornados of 98.
First time we ever had it hit the
downtown area. Busting windows
out of bldgs. all over the place.
Went over the house and hit the front
of my subdivision.

The last one was about 4 yrs ago.
I was sitting here with the door
opening and watching things.
This terrible feeling calm came
over the house. Dakota knew
things were not right so when I picked
him up to move to our safe place
I got NO FIGHT from him.
Within seconds I heard that

That one took out the Dollar
General store 5 mins from the

Anyway.....thinking I need to invest
in a weather radio for our local
area. I am on cable most days
and the reports don't come
over the cable stations.

When I looked out earlier when
it was raining so hard I realized
that since the budding of the trees are is time to clean the gutters.

Rain in the below pic is the spill
over from my gutter.

Ex boyfriends son is going to come
and clean those out for me.

Thanks for stopping in to visit,


Ann said…
I like the paintings. Wow on all those tornadoes going over your house. The neighborhood I live in was destroyed by tornadoes in 1985. We didn't live here then. The lot we purchased had a house totally destroyed and they never rebuilt.
Mildred said…
That is terrible about the tornadoes. I love your art pieces. I read a lot on the nights I don't sleep. I hope you will have a better night.
Sally said…
I can only I imagine the fright of a tornado; we've had a couple of scares but thank the good Lord we've been safe.

The coffee picture is lovely! You're so talented in many ways; wish I had just a tad.

We had hard rain for three days after being without for over six weeks. No complaints from me, the yard is starting to green up. :)
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! I agree with Sally. I'm also reminded of a local artist. Many years ago I bought a piece not unlike your 'wild' one, but with a music theme. In fact it's titled 'Music Music Music'. ~grin~ The art dealer told me that the painter did nothing but pastoral scenes in pastels until becoming widowed at an advanced age. He even showed me examples in the form of postcard prints of her earlier works. Fascinating story. Love the butterfly! Be safe and get some sort of weather radio. ~hugs~ And we thought our area was bad for tornado weather!
Sandra said…
love the moss and the butterfly and the hawk through the screen, really love the coffee painting.. the storms are scary, I have never been even near a tornado until a few months ago, the phone rang at 3 am and it was a recording stating there is a tornado on the ground in your area, take cover in a safe place. we jumped out of bed, and with flash light and cell phone we sat in the walkin closet with Jake and waited about 15 minutes hearing nothing. the good news was it was 10 miles south of us and did not walk on us but walked over a lot of other people. not a big one, a funnel, but it did some damage... at least we know we will be warned... also our cable has a horrible warning system that is loud enough to wake the dead. if the TV is on it breaks in on the program.
Jeanie said…
Some lovely photos here pam. So very glad you are painting -- I, too, love the coffee photo!

Oh, storms sound grim. I'm glad you are all right.
Rhodesia said…
Beautiful butterfly and I love the coffee painting.. I hate the thought of tornadoes something I have no desire to experience! Have a great week Diane
Liz A. said…
That painting is great. Minimalist. Sometimes less is more.

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