Red, White and Blue Projects - Welcome

I saw this on PINTEREST
and since my niece owns
her own horses I sent the
pic to her and asked her if
she wanted one if she supplied
a horseshoe. Just so happened that
I was out there last week
when the guy was out
shoeing a horse. I picked up
five of them.

So I painted this for
Paige's place

I posted this on Facebook
and now I have orders for
six more. So I have contacted
Paige to see if I can get 2 more

I need to attach a wire
to hang it from, seal it
and it will be ready to go.

While playing around
I made this also.

And this project, just needs
some extra love and some
hooks. I took a table apart
that was in the mist of falling
apart and this is one of
the drop down sides.
Love the shape of it.

Having more energy makes life
so much better!

Weight update - one more pound and
I will be down 50 pounds!

Thanks for stopping in,


Ann said…
I like them all. I made something similar to the second one. I think I only put one star on mine and I used ripped fabric strips for the hanging stripes.
S. J. Qualls said…
Neat items for Memorial Day!
Too bad about that table, I like the older style.
Yeah, almost 50#!
Jeanie said…
You've been going great guns! Congratulations!
Darla M Sands said…
You're amazing! I hope you feel great today.
Denise inVA said…
Oh that is such a neat idea, I love it. Pretty photos and congratulations on the 50 lb. weight loss. When I get home I'm going to be inspired by you :) Have a great weekend!
Sandra said…
YAY on the 50 pounds and I can't wait to hit that mark for me... love the red, white and blue, and that is a super idea for the drop leaf. really pretty shape on that.
Rue said…
Both projects turned out great! I never would have thought to paint a horseshoe. Very cool!

Congratulations on the weight loss. Your clothes look really good on you. And your paintings.... wow! You're really talented, my friend :)

Rhodesia said…
Well done on the weight front you are doing well.
I like the horse shoe what a great idea.
Have a good Sunday Diane
Congratulations on the weight loss, Pam! Having more energy is a wonderful thing. I like the horseshoe painted--very patriotic! ♥
Debbie said…
i am happy to see you today - your craft projects are beautiful!! amazing weight loss, congrats to you, that must feel awesome!!
sage and spirit said…
Love that horseshoe! What a great project!
And congrats on the weight are an inspiration!
The horseshoe is a cute idea Pam -- you have a new cottage industry going as long as your niece keeps you supplied with the raw materials ;>)...... congratulations on your weight loss, you are doing great!
Liz A. said…
That is a great project.
Very patriotic...and good for the upcoming Memorial Day too.
I like the horseshoe.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, that horseshoe is so cool, Pam. That would be great to put out for the Fourth of July. That's great that you're doing so well on the weight loss.

Have a nice week, Pam.


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