PINTEREST Jewelry and Things I Made

My friends know me when it
comes to jewelry.
They know I love it.
I love necklaces, rings, earrings,
toe rings, bracelets and ankle
bracelets! I wear it all!

And those who know me know

I found these on PINTEREST
and would love to make
something like these.

I love  these colors!
Course anything with
purple I love.

I love dangly earrings.

I love these colors!

My mom gave me this
necklace a few years ago.
I understand that at one point
it had a penny in the center.
I personally like it without
the penny.....but I am the
type that I like my necklaces
to have matching

I knew I would not find anything
like this at Hobby Lobby so
I went with the idea of
getting close.

So this is what I came up

I wanted to try my hand at
using wire in the
jewelry I make.

This is a necklace I made for
Keys to my heart!

I make jewelry to stash
back for gifts or to
have on hand if I do
a booth somewhere.
These I have on hand.

I also try to make my jewelry using
repurposed items.
The neck lace and earrings above
came from a couple of
beaded curtain tie backs.

And the these below also has a
repurpose piece on the necklace...
the double moon like pieces.

This set is also set back for
selling purposes.

These are also in the
box for resale or a booth.
This is also a repurpose of
washers to be exact.

Made for a friend that is
into steam punk stuff.

I bought the earrings at a
friends store and
like I said, I like my stuff to
match. I looked hard and finally
found stones to match the


Here are a few of my fav earrings.

These I picked up with the matching
necklace at Charming Charlie's.

Just put these together last night. I picked up
the charms at Hobby Lobby (my fav store)
and put them together as my new earrings.

Another Charming Charlie pair of earrings.

Made these years ago.

And I love these.

Do you recognize what this bottom pair
of earrings is made of?

If you said got it. I have a
matching necklace like this also.

Made this years ago to hold my necklaces.

Old coffee cup stand for bracelets.

And a cabinet door with
chain strung across and
tacked in place for hanging
my earrings.

I don't wear all my stuff since I have retired
and just hang around the house but if I am
going somewhere special I will but my jewelry
on, make up on and I wear something besides
worn out to big shorts!

Thanks for stopping by,


Darla M Sands said…
I used to shop Charming Charlie's sometimes. Unfortunately, the stuff didn't hold up well. And when I have something really nice, like a rare stone necklace my father brought home from a business trip to Egypt decades ago, it gets lost. ~sob~ I was bar hopping (a rare occurrence even then) with coworkers and had no hope of finding it. The same happened with one of my carved walrus tusk earrings from Alaska. Anyway, enough with the petty pity party. I like your tastes!
Sally said…
I used to love wearing earrings, but not really a necklace fan. However, yours are lovely. :)
Sandra said…
some of those from pinterest would be pretty hanging on a small Christmas tree. I don't wear jewelery, I used to wear small pierced balls when working but have not had any on in 11 years now. my problem is I have no neck and dangling pretty earrings sit on my shoulders and touch my turkey gobbler neck and drive me nuts. if I had the neck I would wear these. they are beautiful.
Jeanie said…
Your jewelry is exceptionally beautiful, Pam. You really have an eye for it and great skill working with such tiny bits and bobs. What a fun post. I'm glad to see yet another of the things you do -- this MIGHT be my favorite!
Anonymous said…
So many pretty pieces and I love the creative ways you store your jewelry! I love to "see" jewelry but do not like to wear it. I had our wedding rings and my late parents wedding rings made into one necklace and I wear it on special occasions.
You look lovely with the earrings!
S. J. Qualls said…
I would love to wear those earrings. You have a lovely collection! I have allergies though. I can wear sterling, and yellow gold. Otherwise my holes weep. Now that I've gotten older, I can't wear the dangles I have, my lobes are so soft and are stretching, just like my grandmother's did. Not a cute look. :-(
Ann Thompson said…
I don't wear a whole lot of jewelry but I like earrings and bracelets. Youve got lots of great looking pieces. I like the idea of repurposing items into jewelry
Liz A. said…
Wow, that's quite the collection. I used to collect earrings as a teen, but I stopped some time in my 20s.

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