Hodge Podge Post of This and That

Garden update.....I have a day lily about to bust
out in bloom.

Little man trying to nap!

My cousin makes soap out of goat milk, oils and
herbs. I ordered a couple of bars from her. They
came in the mail yesterday.

I ordered Apple Spiced Oatmeal


I used the Rosemary this morning. Loved it.

Yesterday I was stopped up. Took a hot shower,
stopping the drain and I put a few drops of essential
oils of Rosemary and Lavender in the tub, the steam
was great. Today I tried that again and used my
soap and felt so refreshed when done.

Today, I jumped up and did some facebooking
then I decided that I need to go clean and
organize my room. The energy is great right
now. I was going great when I went downstairs
for a minute and noticed I had missed a call on
my cell.

I called my brother Ray back. He wanted to
invite me over to watch the Pred's hockey game
with him and Lori. I had thought about just
chilling  cleaning at home but with that invite
I decided it could wait a little longer. So I
spent the afternoon with them. Ray grilled
and BBQ'd bologna and made some
greens. I stopped at Bojangles and ordered
a piece of grilled chicken and an order
of green beans. Not a bad deal either, I
got that for $ 4.14. I get two meals off
the chicken. I did eat some greens.

Anyway my sis in law was telling me about this new
place that opened up in their city so
I drove by there on my way home. Really
cool place. There is a covered bridge,
a new building labeled the General Store.

A bridal cottage.

Farmers Market.

Just looks like a really cool place. Can't
wait to go there this week when its open.

Was sitting here on the couch the other
night looking at the small light on the
sofa table. This is the light that my
parents picked up at an antique store
in Pennsylvania. The shade is a paper
type shade.

I used to play with these glass prisma's when I was
a little girl. Before I had pierced holes in my ears
I would hook these on my ears and act like I had
long dangly earrings on.

I am so glad my mom gave me this. Every so often
she decides to clear some things out of the house
and if it has a family history or a history of me playing
with it, I try to claim it and take it home to my house.

Speaking of lights I am on a web
site called Next Door Neighbor.
On this site people will post things
they are looking for, like needing
a handyman, or having a yard sale.
This all comes to my email.
I am looking to have my
lights changed out so I
posted on Next Door Neighbor
what I was looking for.
I got a private message from
a lady that had this light.
She wanted $20 for it.

She left it on her front porch for me
and I left the money in an env.
between the screen and door.

I hope to rework this using Ball Jars for the

The other day my daughter left her
wallet at home so I took her lunch.
She works for a local vet. This is
Oreo, he belongs to Dr. King.

And of course this is Dakota, he had to have
his nails trimmed so my daughter took care
of that while we were there.

He was also weighed in.....oops, not good.
He came in at 25.9 lbs. Time for him to

On the wall in the office!

That is his very all knowing look! I can hear the
ugly words he is thinking now cause I took him
in to have those nails trimmed. He hates the vets

And with all that said and done I have
lunch plans with the two ladies below.

Oops...sorry that is 3 ladies! I am the one on
the far left though. The middle is Cindy and the
right is Deborah. These are my
"partners in crime" from when I worked
in Medicaid Fraud for the TN Bureau
of Investigation! I handled the Middle
Tn agents, Cindy had West and Deborah
had East. We sit in cubes right next to
each other and although we had a job to
do, we had fun. I miss these ladies.
Cindy and I both are retired so we will
be meeting over by the Bureau for lunch.
So excited to see these ladies again.

Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said…
So much going on. Wow!
S. J. Qualls said…
I'm very fond of hand crafted soap. After I quit making my own, I bought a bunch from a lady that should last me until I die. Ha Ha. Goat's milk soap is so lovely.
Poor Dakota, a diet! Jack had to be on one for a bit, he got up to almost 25# and the fat was hanging over his elbows, ha ha.
Cute lamp!
Liz A. said…
Sounds like a busy day.
Ann said…
That place with the covered bridge and farmers market looks nice. I would enjoy visiting something like that.
That vet has a sense of humor, I like the wall with the dog lifting it's leg on the air vent. Too funny
Enjoy your lunch with the girls
Darla M Sands said…
That expression on Dakota's face is priceless! I hope you have a lovely lunch. I'm guilty of not reaching out to anyone. ~shakes head~ So glad to be retired, though, and having hours each day to spend writing. Be well!
Sandra said…
enjoy your lunch with friends, I have such fond memories of my team and our cubicle fun we had. the only thing I missed when I retired were several good friends.. I love your lamp with the crystals, my aunt had 2 like that on her mantle but it had glass globes instead of lampshade.. my cousin still has them on that same mantle. yours brought back memories. I love lights made from the ball jars, can't wait to see yours completed
Jeanie said…
A lovely hodgepodge. I used to play with the prisms, too! And your area looks great -- lots of fun things to discover as the weather moves forward. I especially love the covered bridge.
Rhodesia said…
Interesting post, love the hodge podge of different things. I worked for vets for many years, love the painting on the wall. Take care Diane
You have been a busy gal, Pam. It's so nice your mother is giving you things that mean so much to you. The things I have from my parent's and grandparent's bring me so much joy. Your little dog really reminds me of a dog my son used to have. Henry was a rat terrier and the best dog I've ever seen. Have a great day with your friends. ♥
Pam, you sound as busy as me girl except I think you might have more energy than me! LOL! Love all the pictures. Have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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