Here and There

I hope all you blogger ladies
had a great Mothers Day.

Since I am a mom because of
these two I wanted to
throw their pics up here.

Amber my first born
and 6.5 years later my
son, Cory.

And I can't forget this sweet

He really don't like selfies anymore
then I do! lol
Although I learned a few months
ago that if there is more then
one in your pic it is a

Okay, another update
on the weight.
I hit the 49 lb mark
a couple weeks ago and
due to eating some
things not recommended
by my list I gained
3 lbs back.
But last week I worked hard
to get those off and I am
back at the 49 mark...
in hopes that this week
I can lose at least one to
make it to the number

Tired of chicken and fish.
You can only dress those up
so much.

My daughter brought me this
lily for Mothers Day.

Beautiful. I do not
have one like this in my
yard so this will fit in
really nice with the other

This is my mom and
my youngest grandson
He was going to play
putt putt golf
yesterday and
DJ was staying with
mom so I stayed over
to spend time with him.

DJ and I.


Amber has 3 boys.
The oldest one that was living
with me for a bit just
started his first real
job. But between Amber's
3 and her boyfriends 4 boys
they have seven.
So once a month names are
put in a hat and the
boys name that is pulled
gets to pick something he wants
to do with Amber and Will.
Braden was the first one so
he played golf.

Thanks for Cathy at
Curious as a Cathy blog
and her drawing it put the
need for me to grab a pencil
and try working on my
sketching. Been awhile.

I do draw out my work on canvas
before I paint but this is a bit
different cause I can make
corrections and make things
look better with paint.

HAHA....when I was in school I
thought I would become a fashion
designer so I was always drawing on
folders and extra papers.

Yep....well that did not pan out!

One of my best friends Debbie,
saw this one above on FB and
fell in love with it.
So I guess she will be framing
it and hanging it!

But last night while pulling
up things on PINTEREST
to try and copy I decided
to draw something for my
It started like this.

And ended up like this.

She got a gift and a card but
I also gave her this.

My friend, Debbie gave me this.
She had it in her yard sale and
I liked it so its mine now.

But yesterday when I went
to the local Creative Arts Studio
where I used to have paintings
and crafts I picked this up.
They have closed and are
selling off display items.
I loved this one.

But that is not all I picked up.
I got two of these chairs.

I have a farmhouse table that I
need to finish stripping and I had
picked up four chairs to go with it.
Now I have two of these and with
two of them I will paint them in
different colors. Just for the mix
up and no match look. I like that

Now to decide what to do with the
extra two chairs!
All this while I am in the mist,
slowly and on good days, 
trying to weed things out of my
house and organize things.

I think my daughter might be
right....I could become a
hoarder. If only I could go and
clean like I used to.

Thanks for stopping in,


Ann said…
Looks like you had a nice mother's day. I'm pretty sure I'm on my way to hoarder status. It's hard when you enjoy doing crafts and everything you look at has the potential of being something else or being useful in a craft project.
S. J. Qualls said…
Good that you were able to drop the new pounds. Now, I'm sure, will be the struggle to keep it off. I'm sure it does feel so much better!
My first ex and I rotated the kids so they had a special day with us once a month - for as long as it lasted.
Very pretty lily!
Cute little dress forms, I would have liked one when I was making doll clothes for my daughter, many, many years ago. :-)
Denise inVA said…
A belated Happy Mother's Day Pam, you are a sweet looking family with a whole lot of love. Congratulations on the weight loss. That is great. I really enjoyed your sketches, especially the one you did for your Mom. I thought I was going to be a dress designer when young also. Also enjoyed your finds. Thanks for sharing and have a great week :)
You are looking wonderful! Mother's Day weekend is a hard one to stay on track with eating right. But back on track today. I blame it on the Mexican restaurant for bringing me a dessert as a gift for Mother's Day. LOL. I didn't know how to turn it down gracefully so i ate two things i normally stay away from: wheat and dairy. 😞 Your drawings are great. I'd love to be able to do that! Hope you have a great week.
Sandra said…
I enjoyed meeting your family and I like that black wire dressmaker.. your art always amazes me... and makes me wish I could. My son that lives in TN is in Copperhill, a long way from you. he is in the corner where the 4 states come together, they can shop in a different state in any direction
Sally said…
I'm so very glad that you and I have met, Pam. You are such an amazing lady; so talented in many ways. You have a wonderful family, and I know you love them with your whole heart.

When I was growing up, my brother and I wanted to be a movie queen, and he a cowboy. I once wrote a song about us many years ago. He's gone now, but every now and them I'll listen to our song.

You look GREAT! Congratulations on the weight loss; you're definitely a winner in my book. :)

Rhodesia said…
It seems like you had a great day and I love your drawings. Your weight is doing well but you say you are tired if chicken and fish, what about lentils or chick pea recipes for a change, all very low in calories. We always switch to those sort of dishes if we find our weight creeping up. Take care Diane.
Mildred said…
Congrats on the weight loss and I enjoyed seeing pics of your children. You asked about the Citronella plant, smells just like a citronella candle when you rub the leaves.
Al said…
Happy belated Mother's Day - you have plenty to celebrate!
Debbie said…
it sounds like a wonderful mothers day, the plant is beautiful!! congrats on the weight loss, it is remarkable and you look great!! 50 pounds, wow, what an accomplishment!!!!
Debbie said…
and your kids are adorable!!!
Darla M Sands said…
Bless you on your upbeat struggle toward wellness. As amazing as your other pictures and stories resonate, I can't seem to comment past that. You rock@
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, that is a lovely drawing of the eye. The eyes say so much, I think, and they are one of the first things I notice on a person. You are really talented at drawing. I liked those fashion drawings also. When I was growing up and wanted a new blouse or dress to wear for a special occasion, I would sketch what I wanted, and my mom would get on her sewing machine and make the clothes for me. Your drawing of the red roses for your mother is perfect for mother's day. That's great that you lost so much weight, and such a hard thing to do.

I hope you had a special Mother's Day, Pam.

Liz A. said…
I'm also a fan of the mixed chairs look.
Hi Pam, loved seeing your sweet family and hearing that you are close to losing 50 lbs! Wow! Love the selfies and the one with Dakota, too. He has the funniest look on his face :) Your drawings are wonderful and I love the wire dress forms. I have the hoarding gene, too......I've been trying to stop......xx Karen
Rue said…
Hi Pam :)

You're so close! I know you can get to 50!

I love your drawings. I used to draw fashion plates too and obviously, I'm not a designer either lol

When you finish the table and chairs, I hope you take a picture. I love the look you're going for :)

And I'm so glad you had a nice Mother's Day :)

Love the sketches!!!
Sweet daughter and son you have!!
Keep up the work...ya, I know just what you mean about 'there's just so many ways to dress up a chicken dish'. But, it seems to be working!!! Maybe some kinda bean dish perhaps. Spice it up and serve them with a flat bread or a tortilla.

Hope you had a glorious mother's day weekend.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I enjoyed "meeting" your family . Nice photos of you and the kids. Your flowers are pretty, I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day . I like your dog and selfie shot, cute! Congrats on your weight loss, you are doing great! Enjoy your day and week ahead!
Looks like you had a sweet Mother's Day Pam. I surely did too! Love the pictures of your kiddos and girl, you look awesome! should be a fashion designer. Those are great! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Jeanie said…
Sounds like you had a really great day. And I think your chairs will be great!

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