Who remembers these fads?

Pretty sure this is one from
the 60's.

Had so much fun with this

From the 70's,

Also from the 70's.
I had the mood ring.
Wore it all the time.

Smiley faces were on everything.

Lava lamps....and black lights
were everywhere.

And that silly cube that I
could never get close to
being all one color on each side!

Pet Rocks, silly to waste money
on that when you could go out
and pick up one in the yard! haha

and even through I was big
in the crafts, string art was not
something I took up.

Not sure what year these became
big but yes, in the 70's I had one.

Early 70's!
Had fun with these also.

I wore these like crazy
in the 80's!
had a pair in every color.

Think these were the 80's

80's with the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Fur Babies.

Slap band bracelets.

Then came the 90's
with the Tamagotchi.

Beanies Babies.

And now these.
Fidget Spinners.

Said to be a distraction to the
class and teachers
but also reported to be
great for kids that have
anxiety disorders and

Had to laugh when I heard that on
the radio today Liz A!.
One more thing you teachers
have to deal with.

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Rubik's Cubes: Those were big when I was in upper elementary, so that puts them in the '80s. I still have mine. I used to break it apart and put it back together--the only way I could solve it.

Ah, the jellies. I so wanted a pair. So badly. But they didn't make them in my size! (I have an extra wide foot.)

The banana clips, yes '80s. They were huge for one summer, later '80s, and then they vanished. '87? Anyway, they were perfect for my hair, so I lamented that they had such a brief tenure in popularity.

Ah, and Goat Cheese. (Tamagotchis.) I was working for the evil toy store when those were huge. In fact, I worked in the very department where they were sold, so I was at ground zero for that one.

As for the spinners, I heard last week that the woman who invented the things is not seeing one cent from their popularity. She invented them in '95. Tried to sell them to Hasbro. No takers. So, she let her patent lapse... I kind of hate the world on her behalf.
Rue said…

I had all that stuff too and I didn't get the pet rock either. So silly!

In the last post... That look on your pup's face when you took him to the vet is priceless! LOL!!

Darla M Sands said…
Awesome post! As for my necromancy joke post, necromancers raise the dead. So a family laid to rest together are easier to raise. Get it? ~hugs~ Be well!
Rhodesia said…
My mum had a Furby and loved it to bits LOL. I still have two mood rings though I do not wear them. Great memories Diane
Rhodesia said…
Pam not for publishing but thought you might like these two links to my blogs when we did a tour up North of the war graves.
If you are interested I did a write up on Thiepval here
also this one may interest you as well
S. J. Qualls said…
We did have slinkies floating around, also Yak Baks, and Pokemon.
Sandra said…
my boys were born in 65 and 67 and they had the slinky thing.. I am familiar with everything until what comes after the doll with the spiky hair. none of that is on my radar...
Pam, this surely brought back lots of memories for me! Oh I ever remember the mood ring! I still laugh about my love for them to this day. Thanks for sharing a blast from the past. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
Oh yes, those are great. I remember most of them even though I'm a lot older than you, Pam. :)

We have a slinky, and I'm wanting to get a set of jacks to play with the girls.

Jeanie said…
That's a blast from the past! I wish I still had my trolls!
sage and spirit said…
I had a mood ring too! And I LOVED my string art! THose were the days, right?
Ann Thompson said…
I remember all those things. I had a Dimon. We played that a lot
Mildred said…
I remember all of these! I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I hope today will be better.
Red Rose Alley said…
TROLLS!!!! I used to play with these all the time with my neighbor. Of course, I only had one, but my neighbor had a bunch of them. And I remember the slinky too. Oh, thanks for the memories, Pam.


ps I still have a couple of the girls' Trolls to this day. Can't seem to give
them away. : )

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