Evening bloggers.

Weight update - I am now down 48 lbs.
Although it has been going well I have sort
of hit a wall of sorts. Blood pressure is dropping
with the weight loss. A couple of years ago I was
put on a beta blocker because my heart was
pumping too hard to move the blood out of the
heart. It is called Diastolic Dysfunction.
Apparently with the weight loss the heart is
not having to work so hard and with taking the
beta blocker the BP is dropping. I have a call
into my heart doc about stopping this med.
No energy, dizzy, weak and just off kilter all
the way around. But with that said, I hope to
be up and going strong soon.

Now, another draw back to the weight loss
is I am running out of clothes to wear!
HAHA....not a bad problem to have to
face. My shorts sort of look like several
families have moved out! They are rather big
and my shirts are falling off my shoulders.

I love wearing light weight dresses in the summer
so I went out a couple weeks ago and got that
simple little black dress so I would have something
to wear when going out. Then I went through some
of my nieces clothes that she was getting rid of.
I found a cute little dress that I can wear.

But today I went to the Dollar General and
picked up two Bobbie Brooks dresses.
Both $10 each but I had a coupon for $3.00
off purchases of $15 or more.

Here is one I got at DG.

And I love the colors on this one.

But that buy was not as good as what my mom
got today. She went to Walmart and found
3- $14.88 Faded Glory dresses for $3.00 each.
My mom just seems to find those buys.

These dresses have 3/4 length sleeves.

So funny, this last dress, same as the others
but a tad tighter in the waist. Another 5 lbs and it
will fit fine. I love it and wished it fit now.

All three that mom got have belts but
I will not wear them. And all the dresses go
right to the top of my knees.

I will be so comfortable wearing these dresses.
I have several long skirts but the funny thing
about those is, once you loss a gut, they tend to
get a lot longer! Gotta consider hemming those.

Thanks for stopping in,


Darla M Sands said…
Bless you in this endeavor. You rock.
S. J. Qualls said…
Wow! Wonderful bargains! Will be nice this summer! (Except maybe the black one, think it would be hot if you are out in the sun)
About the beta blockers ... I am amazed that the doctor didn't counsel you about them. Don't just quite taking them, they are one of those drugs you need to be weaned off of. You may still need a real low dose, you don't know. It would be a shame for you to go through all that and end up having a heart attack ... just saying. I take a beta blocker ...
Mildred said…
Hi Pam, Congrats on the weight loss. I do hope the Dr.'s ofc will call soon to adivce about your heart medicine. Do be careful since you are lightheaded. Very cute dresses and some great buys. Hope you feel better soon.
Jeanie said…
Congratulations on the weight loss! That's fabulous. And I especially love that little black and white dress! Nice find!
Sandra said…
I have never seen dresses in our DG or at Walmart. but then I have not looked. I will now... I love the dollar general dresses, I don't wear dresses but these are as good a wearing a sun dress. I dug out the old denim dress that is 18 years old and was beloved so I kept it and now it fits.. you really got a great deal... wow
Congratulations on the weight loss Pam. Good job girl. And I always like a deal! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Ann Thompson said…
Wow $3 each. Can't beat a deal like that. They're all nice and look comfortable too.
Liz A. said…
It's always so much fun to get new clothes for a slimmer body.
sage and spirit said…
Is there anything better than rewarding yourself with new clothes after losing weight? You've earned it. Enjoy!

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