Denim and Lace- Ruffles and Beads

When I was doing the post
on the earrings and necklaces
I forgot to add this one.

I made this for my
daughter in law a few
years ago. She likes burnt orange
(the color of the ribbon) and
of course it is made of
washers. Pretty cool look!

Yesterday when I came home
from Braden's graduation
I had some time to kill before
heading to his field day.
So I threw this together.
Not as crazy about it
as I am the other one but
its pretty neat.

Now....on to the denim and lace!
I am totally
with denim and
lace and ruffles.
Not a big lace or ruffle person
on its own but I love it
with denim.

I want to make one of these!

This being one of my favs.

Course I be liking this one too.

Problem is, I don't sew! Haha
Not that I don't know how I just
never really took to it.
My mom was the sewer in
the family. Her back gives
her way too much issues for
her to sit at the machine
these days but that sewing
machine is still set up and
she could help talk me through
making one of these!

is my

I spend too much time
surfing it but man it has
some really cool

I don't wear sleeveless
any things! But check this out...
A little lace and you
have capped sleeves!
Too cute!

Another thing I wanted to try to
make some of my tops longer
was to sew lace on the bottom of
them....but with the weight loss
to short is not an issue anymore.

But this is adorable.

Or if your shirt is a tad tight...
had lace.

Oh... I want one of these too.

This jacket is cute but
a bit too much for me I think.

But yes, I would so do this one!
Maybe leaving off the pearls.

And you can even dress up
your jeans!

And I love black!


This is also cute.

I don't wear my shorts
this short...
those are days gone!

Yes, I did as a teen and
it has been years since I have
seen my teen yrs!

But still this is adorable!

These are things I have pinned
in PINTEREST for later.
Not wanting to try working
on any of this while
still losing weight but

Thanks for stopping in for a visit,


Sandra said…
I see a lot of denim and lace on a lot of different things now. one blogger makes quilts from denmin, kind of like these skirts and she makes her quads things like this, they are five... I think she may have a skirt like this to
Jeanie said…
That necklace is really stunning. I'm so glad you included it. And thanks for stopping by today!
Oh my gosh, I EVER like the concept of that necklace made of washers. So unique and actually would go so well with some of your denim styles you shared. I wouldn't wear lace on denim [I'm a t-shirt and ratty denim kinda gal]...but I hafta admit, I really like the lace on the pockets of the jeans.
Ann Thompson said…
I am totally loving the denim and lace theme. I really like the skirts and the shirt or jacket with the lace insert in the back is fantastic. I like my shirts longer so maybe I'll try adding some lace to the bottom of one and see how it looks
Rhodesia said…
I love that necklace, gorgeous. Diane
Sally said…
I've also seen the lace and denim. In fact, I have a friend with an etsy shop and she makes a lot of items with that theme.

A lot of friends, and my sis in law, seem to love Pinterest and I've just now started looking at it; lots of great ideas there. :)

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