Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
76 with blue skies....

I did get out and take a few pics...
Its an on going thing on Facebook
about me and my flip flops. I wear them
as soon as I can and I don't put them up
until its way past time.

I picked these up last yr.

I really like my drift wood.

Hard to tell in the pic but one of my
lavender is about to bloom.

This is my spiderwort. I did not realize that
it opens in the morning but closes
up in the evening.

My one iris trying to bloom.

Like I said...yesterday was pretty until the
storms came in. High straight line winds
with hail and raining harder then I have seen
it in years.

My area was fine but mom's got hit a bit.
I rode through on the way to house today.

Mom lost a few dead limbs out of the
tree so nothing bad. And certainly nothing
like when the tornados ripped through.

This evening I headed to the farm.
The guy I used to date has land, we call
it the farm. It does have a few critters
on it.

Isn't this dude so pretty?

Haha and this is Chris feeding Lenny and

They come to his garage where he works on
mowers because he keeps a stash of
cracker for them. They are so funny
that you hold out a cracker and tell them
to sit...and they do.

This is my baby....Misfire.
And the girl with her is Alex.
Alex has a horse boarded at Chris'
house and one day she contacted me
and wanted to know if I was okay with
her working Misfire.  Understand this,
Misfire has not been worked in 10 to
12 yrs. The last rider on her was my
niece Paige (the one that shows horses)
and Misfire threw her. Love her but she is
stubborn and putting it nicely a
witch with a b.

Alex is teaching Misfire boundaries with her
hands in this pic....
haha, I had to ask, I had no clue.

Isn't she beautiful?

So Alex worked her in the ring for a bit
then tied her up, which she hated while
Alex worked her horse.
Trying to teach Misfire patience and
how to mind.

Okay, I say trying to teach but
Misfires knows, she is very smart but
STUBBORN! At one point
she looked like she loved
the attention she was getting
then it was like she had enough and
the attitude came in.
All in all, Alex won!

She is watchin Alex work her horse.

For those who did not hear the story
of Misfire it goes like this~

My brother bought her for my sis in law
when she was about 7 yrs old. Already
had an attitude.

They had her about 15 yrs.
The older horse that was in the
pasture with Misfire past on and
my sis in law talked about it. We
could not leave her out there all
alone. I had taken care of her off
and on for years when they were out
of town so we had a bond. And I love
her. So she wanted to give her to me
and me take her out to Chris' place.

While talking about where Chris'
place was, my sis in law stopped me and
then she started to tell me where he lived.

Shocked and not knowing how she knew
then she told me. Chris' dad owned the
property. He messed with horse a lot and
he actually sold Misfire to my brother.
So 15 yrs later we took her back home.
My goal was to see if we could get her
ride able. But then my health sort of went
side ways and 2.5 yrs later it is really
to late. I just want her to live with other
horses and be happy the rest of her life.
She is looking at the age of 25 now and
I don't mind Alex working her to give
her the attention, exercise and to show
her that it can't all be her way. go back a bit. When my
brother got her, and I saw her for the
first time, Ray said come and meet the
horse, " Pam this is Bitch, Bitch this is Pam"....
Ray had already found out she had an attitude!

Thanks for stopping in,


Rue said…
"Pam this is bitch, bitch this is Pam" HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's hilarious, Pam!

Loved seeing the pigs and rooster on your friend, Chris's farm :)

I just finished catching up with you and saw the Bee Gee post.... those were the days, weren't they? Such a simple time.

Anyway, I hope you have great weekend :)

Sandra said…
she is beautiful and so is Alex. glad they are working together for the sake of both. that is a fine looking rooster.. I saw that bad storm went through central TN, glad you and your mom are ok..
Jeanie said…
I'm so glad you didn't have damage with the storm at your home. Some of those photos looked a little scary (like what went through here a few weeks ago). And glad your mom's place was OK, too. It's fun to see Misfire and hear her story again. Nice she's getting a little extra attention, too!
Darla M Sands said…
She is beautiful. Thanks for all the great photos. I hope you have been able to get some sleep and feel well as possible.

Sad to say, I can hardly walk in flip flops. I need more support and only wear them to the pool or in the YMCA showers. ~grin~ Happy blogging!
Liz A. said…
Wow, the fallen trees! We've had a couple wind storms of late with trees torn up like that. One fell on a car!
Rhodesia said…
Love this post, but then I love horses and pigs as well :-) Diane
Ann Thompson said…
She is a beautiful horse. Love those flip flops too
sage and spirit said…
Misfire is a beauty. And it looks as though she has quite an attitude too! How lucky the two of you are to have each other.

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