Two Month Results of the Surgery

Just a few days shy of when I
had my gastric bypass
I am very pleased with
the results.

My surgeon had not told
me when blood work would be
done so I just decided to call
and make an apt with my
regular doc who found my
liver issues.

I went yesterday and
today I had the lab results.

Cholesterol levels were great.
Triglycerides are still a little
high but within time that
should also go down.

My A1C is great.

And even though my doc told me it
usually takes 6 months for the
liver enzymes to go down.

SURPRISE to me and my
doc. They are reading

Keep in mind that the
reason I had this surgery
was because my enzymes
were all messed up and
according to a biopsy
I was looking at having
cirrhosis of the liver
in five yrs if I did
not lose the lbs.
I had what is called
a non alcoholic fatty liver.

NORMAL range.
I will take that!

Yay...those results were great.

Today it was time to head to the
eye doc for my yearly
check. I am required to do
this once a yr since
I am a diabetic.

I had been off and on the Metformin for
the diabetes since the liver
went crazy. They would take me
off then they would put me back on
then off again.
I just KNEW that my
eyes will have gotten worse
during all that.

No diabetic damage done!
Eyes are the same they have
been for the last 4 or 5 yrs.

So....I am still considered a
diabetic until the doc
checks the A1C several
months then it can come off
my records.
I have not taken any meds for it since
the day I had surgery.

I am one happy camper.
Now, to find a cure for this
pain and fatigue of
Fibro and I will live
so healthy and happy.

I want to thank everyone of you
who have become my blogger
friends the last few months and
have always had such nice
and encouraging words through
this process.

Down 41 lbs now and I am loving it.

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
That's great news.
Mildred said…
Hi Pam, Congrats to you! I am so thankful your results are in a normal range. I know these weeks have been tough but the end result is wonderful. So thankful your eyesight has not changed - such a blessing! Happy Easter.
Nancy Chan said…
Hi Pam, I am glad for the great new. You are doing great and on keep on the good work! Have a great weekend and blessed Easter!
Ann said…
Fantastic news.
S. J. Qualls said…
It's wonderful for you that your numbers are down to normal! Yay!
Darla M Sands said…
Wow! Bless you and your wonderful attitude. I hope the pain and fatigue can somehow be relieved.
Denise inVA said…
Good for you Pam, that is great news. Congratulations!
Sandra said…
I am so happy for all your good news.. and it happened so fast. my DIL had the surgery a year ago and lost 125 pounds and takes no insulin now. I don't think hers left as fast as yours. super news on the eyes. to me my eyes are my most important part on my body, everything I love requires seeing... my mother lost her sight from diabetes for the last 3 years of her life... because of that I go every year and never miss... happy dance for all your happy results.
Jeanie said…
Congratulations, Pam. That is VERY good news indeed!
Rhodesia said…
Wow 41 lbs is great. Sounds like all good news and everything is going well. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Diane

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