This and That

I worked in downtown Nashville
 for twenty five years and
I saw a lot of changes.
But being away from the
daily drive I notice a lot
more changes that are
taking place these days.
I have been away from that
drive for almost
9 years now and the difference
is amazing.

This building on the corner beside
the van, used to be a feed store.
It sat empty for years but
recently has become a

The other building on the other
corner was once a
paint store. It became
Hard Rock many, many
years ago.

In those 25 yrs that I worked in
town and would go past
this area I saw it change from
adult book stores, sleazy bars,
to a nice respectable place
everyone wants to visit.

Another restaurant.

Downtown is still changing and
lots of building going on.
Nashville's nickname to us that
live here is~
Crane City.
Everywhere you look
there is a crane in the air.

Sorry for the yucky rainy
pics of yesterday.

I have attended several concerts and
events here.

Custom House and a church
coming up on the left.

I am going to make a list of
the oldest churches in Nashville
and take a trip by them to
photograph them.

Here you have Union Station.
Once the hub for trains and
now a hotel.

Heading up one street I look
out and up as I ride by this
new addition.

I also think it is about time to grab
my big camera and go about
town for photos. It has been

Dinner tonight.
If you read my blog yesterday
you will have saw that I don't
like fish and I don't
even like to cook.

But, I needed dinner tonight! haha
Fresh asparagus.

And a salmon steak.
Now the last time I cooked
fish (last week)
I over cooked it.

But in talking to the lady at the
fish counter at Kroger, who was
very helpful told me that I
can order the fish in a cooking
bag. They will even at extra cost
put a pat of butter, lemon, dill and
any flavor they have on it.
I took Cajun.
The bag has directions on how to
cook and for how long.
Very helpful to someone that
don't cook fish.

It was done in 18 mins.

Pretty tasty cause if there was to
be a fish taste the Cajun
spice covered it up.

The other night on PINTEREST
I found this really cool
artist, Todd Young.

He paints Rat Terriers.
My fur baby Dakota is
a Rat Terrier. So
I really love these paintings.

Haha....saw this in town
yesterday. I have a friend that
always attended our get togethers
without her husband. Always
talked about him and I finally
told her I did not think he
was real.
One day we were having a get
together and she said he was coming.
So I asked was she
going to rent a husband!
Its been an on going joke even
the times Toby as come with us.
So when I saw this in front of
me I had to snap a pic and
tagged her with it in FB.

You know I love to
paint. I found a town in
Poland that called the
Painted Village!

Some of it is really cool
some even more than I
could take but I love it.

The story behind this is 100's years old and
not really confirmed that it is the truth.
But when soot would leave spots on the
walls of these houses on the inside from
the wood burn stoves, they would paint
flowers over the soot to cover it up.
Not sure how it got moved to the
outside walls but that is
a cool story even if it is not

Okay last on the This and That post...
do you know that Crayola is
retiring its Dandelion color to
introduce a new blue color
yet to be named.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
I can't imagine working in Nashville and driving every day.
Union Station is such a beautiful building.
The folk painting - some of it is hard to find a place to rest your eyes. Must have taken a good long while, huh?
Sandra said…
I saw the dandelion retirement on TV but did not even know there was a color that color.. our town in the past 33 years is drastically changed and has become a mini metropolis.. we often talk about what used to be there when we are out. enjoyed seeing your part of Nashville. life keeps on moving forward at a rapid pace and changing even more rapidly... glad they are using the old train station.. and I think rent a husband story is hilarious...
Darla M Sands said…
Great photos, all! The art is cool and I enjoyed the virtual tour. I know someone who teased that my husband is unreal. ~grin~ Be well!
Sally said…
I've only been to Nashville once since I was a young child. And, of course it rained. I really enjoyed being driven around by a cousin though, and seeing where some of the country stars live. In case you didn't know, I'm country to the bone. :)

You always have the neatest post; I especially seeing the paintings, and the painting of flowers on old structures. That is so neat! :)
Rhodesia said…
Never been to Nashville so interesting photos for me. I know what you mean about changes,having just been back to South Africa and not having been there for 14 years the changes are amazing. I also love painting and some great ideas here, trouble is I never seem to have the time. Keep well Diane
Red Rose Alley said…
I would love to visit that painted village. I am part Polish myself, Pam. What a charming village this is. So many interesting things to look at. The illustrations do look like Dakota, so delightful. Nel liked Tennessee when she traveled through on her trip to the south. : )

Jeanie said…
I think Esme posted on The Painted Village a year or so ago -- that was the first time I had ever heard of it and I was mesmerized by all the color and happiness! I'm glad you reminded me of it. And I love the terrier paintings too. Very whimsical and delightful.

I haven't been to Tennessee for a few years but my experiences in Nashville have been fun ones -- it's a great city. One I hope to visit again.

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