Storage Area Minus the Door Makes a Great Canvas

Okay everyone I have worked for
several hours today on a
project I have been thinking
of since the fall and
I could not wait to
share even though it is
not finished.

First I need to say that I
have really been pushing
myself the past week.
Sunday before last my
kicked in and I
feel like it really
kicked me!

But all I hear is that
exercise is good or it.
Not actually exercising but
I am trying to stay in
the movement mode.

With that being said. I felt
really bad on Monday and slept
all day...well at least till
3:00 so last night
I could not sleep. I have
been awake since 3 pm
yesterday, it is 10pm
now. So with the
pain and no sleep I
stayed busy today.

To lay out todays project
I need to go back to this
past fall. I had my deck
screened in but along with that
I had a storage area off the end
of my deck that was set up so
bad it was not good for anything.
I had another door cut in
through my pantry and the
door off the deck sealed up.

When I saw that area sealed up
I knew it would be a great
for painting on.
I managed to get the area
primed before cold weather
set in...
and I have just been waiting
till I could start my

This is my deck last year.
See the door to the left,
the storage area.

Door removed and

Then it was all sealed up.

I was not really sure what
I wanted to paint until I
saw this blog

Alisa Burke did an amazing
job on her deck.

Mine will not be that great but
I am hoping it will look
just fine.

The start this morning.

The whole view from the side.

I still have more to go but
it is due to rain tomorrow and
then turn off cooler so it
might be several days till
I get it done.
I will also frame it out
with some wood.

Thanks for stopping in,


Oh my goodness, Pam! It's wonderful! Such a beautiful job! I am sorry that you are not sleeping well and in pain, but you are making the best of things and now you will have this beautiful place to relax and enjoy the spring and summer. Great job! Sending hugs xo Karen
S. J. Qualls said…
I think it's a great idea. I would have loved to have done something like that!
eileeninmd said…
Hello Pam, I am sorry you have so much pain with the fibromyalgia! Your deck wall and painting looks fantastic. I wish I was a talented painter like you. I do not have an artsy/crafty bone in my body. Sending my well wishes, have a happy day!
Jeanie said…
This is so happy Pam, it just makes my heart sing!
Sandra said…
I love the wall, I really like murals, but on walls not decks. that deck would make me crazy .. way to busy for me.. but I love your wall and the other things you have painted like your shed... they are beautiful. wish I had the talent. that is why I create things with merging photos, because I want to create art, but can't draw at all
Darla M Sands said…
Bless you for powering through. I'm not sure I would be so brave, perhaps curl up in a ball and let myself fade away. Beautiful deck, for sure, but you are no hack. Awesome job!
Pam, that is amazing! Girl, you have talent! I love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Sally said…
I'm sorry you have fibromyalgia! There's a friend of mine who does also, and I can understand the pain you have.

You're an artist! How wonderful. I didn't get that gene but some of the family did, and I've always been in awe with what they can do.

That's a beautiful painting, can't wait to see it finished when the weather and you feel like it cooperates for you.

Mildred said…
That is looking wonderful! I love it! You are very talented. We are experiencing severe thunderstorms today. The box/paperwork to mail off my laptop did not arrive yesterday so I have one more day to look at blogs! lol Take good care of yourself.
Sandra said…
here is my email address if you want to be able to answer questions.. I never say anything about what others have because we are all different. my mother was like you and a few other bloggers, I am her opposite. it doesn't mean I don't like it, just I can't live with it in my house... you would hate my house, no decorations, only one or 2 things on each wall. minimalistic .
Rhodesia said…
Wow that is a great job you have done, I am impressed. Sorry you are in pain but it is good to keep moving if you can. My mother had terrible pain in her hands and she took up needlework and crochet. Sometimes she persisted though tears would be rolling down her face. Life is not easy sometimes. Take care Diane
Liz A. said…
That looks great. How fun!
Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I like your little porch area. So cozy. I am sorry that you suffer with fibromyalgia. I have chronic lyme disease which limits me somewhat. Have a good week! Nancy

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