Stain Added and Paintings Hung

Once upon a time I had
these hanging in my
my bedroom just so I
could get them up
off the floor and on the
wall somewhere!

A couple years ago I took them
to the local artist store and studio
but since they are going out
of business  I brought them
back home and hung
them back in my

I painted this in 2009
on a unfinished cabinet
door for a showing I
was having at a local

When I brought it home
from the Artist Studio the
other day I decided to
hang it in the living room.
The more I looked at it the
more I felt it was missing

So I decided to stain the outside
area to see if it would
pop.....and it did!

I have a facebook friend that
was requesting that I make
one of these for her.
(ignore the tuna packs and the
phone and the knife....they are holding
the clothes pins till the glue dries).

I was on my fav site (PINTEREST)
and I saw this.

Isn't that beautiful?

So I decided to look up more
picnic tables and I found
some neat ones.

This one would be so cute
for a family with kids.

And for game

Or the sun can shine

But I love the one below.

Then I jumped to the fences.



Another pretty one.

Cute also.

Gotta love the

The problem with seeing stuff like
this and being an artist I
want to paint everything!

Wonder what the neighbors
would think if I painted
the side of my house?

Thanks for stopping in,


sage and spirit said…
Paint the side of your house? I say go for it! Your paintings are beautiful and I can only imagine what you could do with a house!
S. J. Qualls said…
I painted quite a few cabinet doors myself - they were cheaper than canvas, ha ha. Odd, I never did catch our picnic table to paint it - too late now.
Liz A. said…
Go for it. Paint the side of your house. Love the benches. And you were right, the mailbox did pop when you added the "frame".
Cathy Kennedy said…

Some folks would get uptight about the paintings but I think whatever you do on your own property is your own business besides you're actually making something beautiful. There will always be complainers and whiners. Staining the perimeter of the painted cabinet door added a frame to your artwork adding the purrfect touch. The picnic tables and privacy fence designs are awesome but I'd say these things would have to be done again or touched up being exposed to the elements, though.

~Curious as a Cathy
Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "O"
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome! There are so many creative talents, you among them. I dreamed of doing something with the concrete foundation of our house where a huge swatch shows (we have a walk-out basement and removed a line of trees between us and the neighbors). Alas, I have neither the talent nor the money to hire an artist. Wish you could come up my way!
Sandra said…
I love the paintings on the fence, my favorite is the water faucet... and you were right, the birdhouse looks so much better with the stained trim.. there is a house on Riverview that an artist lives in and every thing in the yard is painted and decorated, from fences to post.
Denise inVA said…
Love your art work, you did a great addition with the staining, and what you found at Pinterest, very nice indeed. I am a Pinterest fan.
Mildred said…
I love that you added the brown around your painting.
The picnic tables and fences are fun to look at.
Wishing you a delightful day.
Jeanie said…
You've been seriously busy! Very cute.

A house? What a canvas!

Thanks for showing the benches and inspiring me. Rick has two benches in bad need of painting. He'll never do it so I decided I must and now I have some jolly good ideas. (He should never turn me loose!)

Happy day!
Author said…
You're a great artist! I missed that gene in our family, but there are a few who didn't. :)

Love the fences and picnic tables also.

Ann Thompson said…
Your paintings are great. I always wished I could paint. Love that first picnic table and those fences are awesome

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