Sofa Table

Last week I put this together on one of those
days that things were feeling ok....

Was actually a simple project, or should have been but
not having the space to build things like this was
really hard on my old body.

I managed to get it stained.
And through out the week I got it polyed to
protect it.

Finally moved it to the living room yesterday and
this evening I finally got it behind the couch.

Not sure what I want to sit on it but for now this will be it.
The light is one of two that my mom and dad picked up in
an antique shop when they married.

Today, managed to wash a few dishes, unload the dishwasher
and sweep the kitchen floor. That is about it. The fibro is acting
up along with fatigue so I am just doing what I have learned
to do best. Lay around. Slept a lot today and my bud is
doing a great job at being here with me.

Thanks for stopping in,


Sharon said…
Looks good. You got more done than I did today. :-)
Liz A. said…
Love how it turned out. You take care.
Ann said…
Your sofa table looks awesome. I need one of those behind my couch.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry you feel so bad. I do love the sofa table. The lamp is a perfect addition. Hope you have a better day.
Darla M Sands said…
I hope you feel better. On your worst days I swear you sometimes do more than I manage when I'd rather write. At least my muse is back! ~grin~ Nice project, my dear. And I'm glad you have Dakota.
MadSnapper said…
it is perfect, perfect size and love the lamp... I am sure you will add just a few things soon
Jeanie said…
Good for you. Very good size. I had Rick help me with my new IKEA table. Easy for him, not so much for me, so hat's off!
Debbie said…
the table looks great, it looks like it fits perfectly!! take care of yourself, good days, better days, right??!!
Rhodesia said…
You are very handy at DYI, like the idea of this. I have nowhere for ornaments, but they do make dust!! Diane

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