Changing Things Out

I hope you all have had
an amazing
Easter. Dakota and
I just chilled today.
My daughter was in
Florida with my oldest
grandson. Her smaller
children were with
their dad and my son lives
in San Diego.

So I have managed to
take the trash off
and recycle off.
We to Lowes for
flowers for my
wheelbarrow in the
front yard but
Dakota was not having
any of that and kept
chocking himself
by pulling on the
leash. So we left...
with NO

There is a local
Creative Artist Studio
and store in the
city I live in.
I had a laundry basket
full of stuff that I went
to pick up yesterday
since they are closing.

I just sat the basket in
the living room floor
yesterday and each
time I looked down
I saw things that
maybe I would just
hang on the wall
here at the house.

Now I know anyone
that knows me is
asking just where would
I find the space, the
blank wall....
well I decided to change
some things out.

Anyway, this painting,
not one of my favs
was hanging
across from the
couch where I
looked at it a lot.

And I put this in
its place.
It is painted on an
cabinet door.

However I am thinking of
painting the outside
trim dark brown
to see if the birdhouse
pops more.

This star was hanging next
to my window on the wall
as you come in the house.

I changed it out for this.
I normally use black frames
and I might have to paint this
one. Although the brown works
well with the window.

So how does that look?
I know the light effected the
pics making it hard to
see, but all four
pics are of the same
squirrel eating on
the deck.

Yesterday in my post
I told that I
put this gentleman in
the garden.
I am not a gnome sort
of person
but I got this one
so when
my son came home
for a visit him
and I could have a
good laugh.

Why you wonder?
Well it goes like
this. My son has a
neighbor that
loves his gnomes and they
were about
5 or so in the f
ront yard.
Cory would come home late
from work and go
over there
moving the gnomes
a little
bit in towards the house.
It took over a week
it was noticed and
the next
night they were back
where they started from.
So Cory started again.
The neighbor gave up
and took them
out of the yard.

He is so much like me that
I had to laugh about it.
I bought this guy
and had
him next to the steps to the
front porch when he came
to visit.
Anyway, I like him in
the garden
standing under my crepe myrtle

Thanks for stopping in,


The gnome looks right at home and will be safe until your son comes to visit ;)))! One of my DILs and her neighbor had a friendly gnome war going for quite awhile...they would disappear, change places, get a new one as a surprise, all end up in one front yard or the other under cover of darkness....
Mildred said…
Hi Pam, That's cute about why you bought the gnome. I like the changes you made. I have an excess of wall art, and I change it out a few times during the year. Too bad you did not pick up flowers today. I will look forward to seeing your finished project.
We had a quiet day at home too but a nice one.
Have a lovely evening.
Darla M Sands said…
Cute post!
Ann said…
It's nice to change things up once in a while. I think my house is due for some change. Love the gnome story. That is too funny
Sandra said…
looks like you had a great week end doing something you LOVE.. we did something we love, watched TV LOL
Jeanie said…
I'd say you had a great time and lots of pretty things and a new look to show for it, too! Loved the gnome story!
Liz A. said…
Oh, that's funny. Probably annoying to the neighbor, though.

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