More of the Yard and The Movie

Went out to the yard
this morning just cause
everyday I  like to
do a walk around and
see if anything new
is going on!

male Carpenter Bees are
doing what they do,
flying and hanging around
while the ladies are
up in the holes of the
bottom of my shed
having baby bees.

One day I will probably step
in my shed and fall through
due to all the holes!

Anyway, decided to try and
catch them in flight.

This one had to rest.

To BEE or not to BEE.....

The spiderwort.


Love my spoon markers.
Funny, I bought these but
I have the stamps to make
my own....
maybe I will get busy with

Looked down while
shooting the bees and
inside of my garden on
one of my rusty things,
I found the heart!

Moss Rose

Stuck to the screen door.

Honeysuckle in bloom.
Years ago this was my enemy...
I would swell up and my head
would be a mess. Ended
up with pink eye from rubbing
them so much cause they would
itch so bad...
now, they don't seem to bother

The rains have beaten
the honeysuckle blooms off
and right into the creek.

Then those blooms a just
float away.

I have several different
types of trees that line
the creek. I am trying to
look them up and see
what they are.

My front door. I have hung
the Memorial Day
flag up already.
I have to have something
up on the door at
at all times, this went
up as I took down the
Easter door decoration.

I had decided that I wanted
to do something special
this week and never got
around to it...until today.
I wanted to see a
movie or go to the zoo.

Since the weather was wet
I decided the movie would
do. Now keep in mind,
I am retired but I have no
issues doing these things
alone, that way I can take
my time, do what I want,
go when I want and enjoy.

I have seen every Fast and the
Furious movies...was heart broken
when Paul Walker died and I was
interested in seeing how the first
one without him would be...

It was GREAT.
I enjoyed it very much.

So, if these are your types of movies
I suggest you take sometime
and go see this one.

Couple of good surprises in this one.

Thanks for stopping in,


sage and spirit said…
The spoon markers are a great idea! Now, if I only had the time to garden...
Red Rose Alley said…
Great pictures of the bees. It's hard for me to get pics of them, as they buzz around so quickly. That's a cool spider web picture also. The honeysuckle blooms are pretty. That's too bad that you got bad allergies from them in the past. You take lovely pictures, Pam.

Pam, my cousin was telling me about the carpenter bees in Florida. He has bought a few bee houses that they fly into and cannot get out. Maybe that would be of help to you. I like to walk around our property every day to see what's happening like you said. This time of year the plants seem to bolt overnight. ♥
Wonderful photos of the bees and all your pretty flowers, Pam! Love the honeysuckle flowers floating down the stream :) and your spoon markers. Your little shed is darling - love the old bed spring trellis! Your Memorial Day flag is so cute. I've never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies, but now I will check them out. I like to do things alone, too. The hubs travels alot for work and I have to entertain myself :) Hope you have a nice weekend. xx Karen
Liz A. said…
If you get around to stamping your own spoons, will you find vintage spoons to use or will you just go out and buy some?
Rhodesia said…
Loved the walk around your garden and I love carpenter bees.Glad you enjoyed the movie. Have a wonderful weekend Diane
Ann said…
I bought stamps to do spoons and maybe some other things but discovered it's not as easy as I thought it would be. I'll have to work with it some more to figure out what I may be doing wrong.
Denise inVA said…
You chose a great variety of photos Pam, enjoyed every one. I was in an outdoor museum yesterday and in one part there was a great bee section, telling all about different kinds of bees. It was very interesting. I enjoy an action movie every so often and will have to check this series out one day. Thanks for the recommend.
Darla M Sands said…
I don't mind doing things alone, either. When my husband traveled during the week years ago I sometimes treated myself to dinner and a movie. ~grin~ Be well!
Sandra said…
you did capture the bee very well.. I love the photo of your shed with the sunflower and I would like to buy some weeds. ours are all dead from the drought. I like the use of the spring for the flowers to grow up.. so many treasures around the shed.. I love the spoon markers... i prefer watching movies at home. i am easily distracted by others talking and moving around..
Sally said…
As always, your photos are so interesting, and lovely.

Good for you, Pam, going to the movies by yourself. I'm not a movie person anymore really; there's only a couple I'd want to watch over again: GWTW and Sweet Magnolias (I think that's the name, LOL).

Have a great weekend.
Jeanie said…
Lovely photos. Your garden is coming along well this spring. I love honeysuckle -- what joy to have a bush so near!
S. J. Qualls said…
I'd love to do something with my vintage silver plate, it just seems that my mind has more ambition than my body does ...
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, what gorgeous photos! Love your spoon markers!
I haven't been to a movie theatre in years. I am like Sandra and get distracted by other people around me. ;)
Have a good week.

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