Goodwill Buy - The Mirror

Good Morning everyone!
Nashville weather today is 71 at 10:01am
Sunny, bright and another windy pollen
filled day! Head is still a mess so even though
I have errands to do, I am staying in again today.
Fibro still kicking also but life goes on.

I picked this mirror up maybe a year ago
at Goodwill for 99 cents.
It was GOLD. I don't do GOLD.
At some point I painted it black as
in the below pic.

After painting it I sat it over in the corner and
did nothing with it.
Last night I pulled it out and decided
that I would paint it another color.
Had no clue what I was going to do
with it or where I would hang it.
Then it hit me....bathroom.
So I pained it navy blue.

Navy is so dark that it is hard to
tell from the black I painted it before.
But once it is hung and blends in with
the rest of the room you can see the color.

Now I need to do laundry I think!
Errands outside will have to wait
but that is okay, enough to do
Later folks.

Thanks for stopping in,


Sally said…
You did a great job on the mirror!

Hope you feel better soon.

The navy frame on the mirror really looks nice with the yellow walls. Very nice! I do hope you are feeling better. ♥
Sandra said…
I like the mirror and would never have thought of hanging it like that. it looks really pretty. I just came from a post that made me think of you. you can do the door on the tree with no problem..
Rhodesia said…
Sorry you are still not feeling very good. Take care. Love that mirror it is unusual. Diane
Jeanie said…
Looks great. That frame style could be difficult to paint -- you did a great job!

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