How About This, or Maybe That

Good evening folks!
I am a bit behind blogging
today. I had an apt this
morning with an attorney.
I decided that since I had
to retire due to my health I
was going to apply for my
SS Disability.

Not something I really wanted to
do but I am not making my salary
anymore and it would be nice
to have that income coming in.
I know that it will be a long drawn
out process.

With that said, thank you all for your
comments on my Fibro.
I don't blog or post about it for
any other reason then to try to
teach folks about it. Those folks that
no nothing about or don't have someone
that has it, really don't understand....
So my goal is to enlighten folks
about it. Just like my by pass surgery,
I was totally over whelmed with the
process and the night before surgery
I was thinking of calling it off.
Since then, I have had several folks
ask me about it and I say,
"lets talk"!

here is my this and that blog for
On my way home I decided to take
the back roads, one of my fav

One the way home from the attorneys
office I took back roads.
Had a guy call me the back roads
queen before...problem is, I can't seem
to get lost anymore!

Look at the sky.
What a beautiful day in

On my country back road rides I
look for several things...
usual mailboxes,
barns or rustic structures and
churches....I have folders on
facebook for each one of these

The couple of mailboxes today.

Harley Rider?

Took this pic....just cause!

Churches of the day.

Barns and Structures


Sorry for the shots with the window or
the mirror in them...haha...
I usually take my big camera
with me on the back road
rides but these were one with my

This stream looked so peaceful
and since I was on back roads there
was no traffic, so I just do what
I do. Stop right in the middle of the
road and take my pics.

While sitting there I was thinking that it
would feel so good to put my
feet in there...and then I saw him/her
swimming right along.
Do you see him in the water by the rocks.
Yep, thoughts of putting my feet in there
disappeared so fast!

Check out the view. I did not know it
but I was headed right to the lake.

Ran across these hidden spots.
Family owned I think.

I have had a guy I used to date and
his mom on my mind for months so
I needed to call and check on them.
Sammie is a fantastic woman. She
is her 80's and I have always loved her.
Funny think is, I am now 57 and I have
not dated her son since I was 18, but
I remember the home phone number
like I dialed it every day of my life.
So I called Sammie. Her older daughter
answered the phone and told me Sammie
was not there so we talked a bit. I asked was
Sammie out running about and she told
me that she was still working.
My mouth dropped open.
When I was 17 till I was 20 Sammie
and I worked together at the Hermitage
Gift Shop - Home of President Andrew Jackson.
So, I went by there to see her. Not seen her
since my son was a small boy, he will be 30
in July.

Sammie was working with Barbara, a woman
that worked in the house when I was there
and Sammie said, "yep, I thought Pam
was going to be my daughter in law and
she up and married someone else"!!
Gotta love that woman.

From there I decided I needed to go to
my fav store for the 2nd day in a row~
Hobby Lobby.

I love this and I bet if I felt good I
could make it.

The Hobby has some of the most usual
pieces, like this one.

Kiss My KNOB! How much fun is this?

Glam it up for sure.

Bling for sure!

Love this piece.

From the Hobby I went home for a
couple of hours then out to
the Mexican place down the street
to meet Theresa and Liz.

Yesterdays buys at the Hobby.
Going to try my hand at sketching again.
Been forever.

Maybe some drawing with color
pencils and

Going to try my hand at watercolor.

I stayed out and about today so I would not
go home and crash. I have been in some wicked
pain but I hoped walking around would
help. I finally made it to sleep last night
after being up for 39 hours, I even had to
take something for pain which is something
I don't make a habit of.

Okay folks....promise to work on making
shorter blogs!

Thanks for stopping by,


S. J. Qualls said…
If you are going to go for SSD, make copies of every little thing you send to them. The paperwork is almost redundant and it's like they try to trip you up with dates and diagnosis and doctors. You will end up with a bushel box of paperwork by the time you are done. Easier if you can just copy down the dates on every new questionnaire.
Cathy Kennedy said…

It's great to leisurely drive around looking for interesting things to photograph. This is something we haven't done in awhile with DH's eye (detached retina) problem. I reckon the next several months are going to be up in the air. He's healing well from this surgery but he has two more surgeries (cataract surgery & to remove the oil bubble from the retina reattachment) which we hope to get done at the same time and then he'll need new glasses before we can breathe a sign of relief. For now, I'll look for opportunities as they present themselves with these limitations and not stress it. Life is good. Yay, you got drawing pencils, color pencils, and watercolor supplies! I ordered some watercolor paper and art erasers from Amazon which were delivered yesterday, so I'm excited about getting my new supplies and am eager to give the watercoloring a go. You're welcome to share your new artwork anytime with me on my not-so Wordless Wednesday link up! Have a good day!
Mildred said…
That is wild about your ex boyfriend's mom! My mother loved history and Andrew Jackson was a favorite of hers and she visited the Hermitage a few times. At age 50, my husband became disabled in a work related accident. We went without income for just over a year, but thank the Lord, my husband was awarded SS disability with the help of an attorney. I wish you all the best. Glad you could rest some and I hope you will have a good day.
Cat Lover said…
Wow,you had quite the day! So sorry you were in such pain. Your ride on the back roads was beautiful.
Take care!
I hate to hear that you suffer so much with pain. You keep a good positive attitude and stay busy, that's for sure. LOVE the backroads photos. The old churches and houses are favs of mine to photograph too. I saw the snake....eeeee! Take care and enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane
Sandra said…
My dad was pastor of 3 churches during my first 44 years of life, they all three looked just like these two. almost identical. 2 in KY and 1 in Savannah. you sure turned your trip to the lawyer into a fun filled day.. enjoyed seeing what you saw while out and about. I have read and heard people say that exercise is good for fibro, but I am thinking 39 hours awake and moving might not be
Jeanie said…
I think it's important to bring awareness to disability and I hope all goes smoothly with the SSD.

I don't see how you post every day! I can't even read every day! And you always have something to say!
Darla M Sands said…
I'm so sorry about the pain and lack of sleep. I must say, you get out and about more than me. Thanks for sharing the great pictures and the story of Sammie!
Denise inVA said…
It is good of you to share about your illness to help others Pam and how nice of you to call that lady. An interesting post and I enjoyed your photos also.
Debbie said…
hi pam...back roads, the roads less traveled, always the best. i did not know about your illness, well not really. i think you mentioned it once before since i have been following you, but it was a small hint. managing any illness can be a full time job, but being proactive is so important and exhausting. i have had MS my entire adult life and was diagnosed 15 years ago. i have been to hell and back, wished i were dead...and have experienced pain worse than childbirth. but i have pressed on and most of the time i am happy i have!

i'm so happy for you that you can enjoy rides like these, spontaneous and fun. stopping to take pictures whenever you please. there is so much to see and experience and not all of it lies in paris. most of it is not far from home!! take care of you!!
Rue said…
Pffft.... I enjoy your posts! Keep it the way it is :)

It's really beautiful where you live and I enjoy backroads too.

I think it's neat that you visited with your ex-boyfriend's mom. She probably really enjoyed it. I believe that things pop up in our heads for a reason and so I think that visit was meant to be :)

Liz A. said…
So glad to hear you got some sleep! Yikes. And it's good to not get lost. Great to hang out on the back roads as long as you like, but know exactly where you are.
Sally said…
Oh please, Pam, don't make shorter blogs. I thoroughly enjoy myself when I visit you. Another friend of mine today posted about like blogs that are real, and I feel the same way.

I was in Nashville once (other than when I was a little girl) and thoroughly enjoyed riding down some those roads. I have a cousin there, and it rained for two days straight but it didn't spoil the experience. I'd like to go back one day, but truthfully someone else would have to drive! I was a nervous wreck getting through that heavy traffic with all those lanes. We have a lot of traffic here also, but I don't drive in it anymore.

Hopefully, it won't be a long, dragged out time before you get the disability. I've heard of some it didn't take long because they went fully prepared with lots and lots of paperwork. And, then some like our next door neighbor who finally has gotten it after a couple of years.

Take care, and I hope you get some more sleep.
sage and spirit said…
Back roads are definitely the best way to go. Nice photos you got along the way! Hope you're feeling better and getting some sleep. Good luck with the ss know how bureaucracy works firsthand!
Rhodesia said…
Hope you can yet disability as nothing worse than no money coming in. Love your back roads, I do the same when i have the time. Love that horse panel, unique. Take care Diane

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