Dreaming, Planning and PINTEREST

It has been yet another
full day of rain.
And its cool.
I actually turned my
heat on and that is
just WRONG, since
I usually love to run
around in shorts with
it 65 in the house.
I have been warned that with
the weight loss
I will find myself
getting cold more often.
More often, once would be
more often.

Enough of that.
Anyway, with the rain and
the cold comes pain.
Today has been a bad
fibro day and on top
of that I have been
sick feeling at my
stomach all day.
Eating some yogurt
right now hoping I
can handle it.
And that is the meal
of the day.

With days of feeling
like this I just want
to curl up in a ball
and have the world
leave me alone.
But instead Dakota
and I sat around covered
up, he snored and I
and now blogging.

I have pinned all day
and I have decorated
my whole house with all

First on my list was
bedroom lighting.
Moving bedrooms around
and Caleb being gone
I have decided to do one
really cute antique room
with a chandelier.

Did not find this one on PINTEREST
but Home Depot has it for
It is smaller which will go great
in the smaller room that I am
putting my antique bed in.

I do have this one
and once stripped down
spray painted an
off white
it looks great.
No pic yet cause
I have not put all the
glass back on and hung it
but this is going in my

To see if maybe there might
be another light like
this one out there
I posted on FB that I was
looking for.
That is how I got the one
above for only $35.

Haha with posting on fb
I had a sweet lady I have
known since she was a child
tell me that she had this
in her garage and she was about
to head to dinner so she
would run it over.

WOW..it is huge!
Bigger than what I was looking
for but I offered to give
it back if I could not find a
spot to hang it.
She said, pass it on!!!!

Still looking of what I want but
then again Home Depot
might be calling my name.

Now with that said and this
blog gets longer....haha
I decided I am over the end tables
I have and I wanted to make
some. Now keep in mind I am
not a builder, that is my brothers
and my nephew!! But if the
design is simple I can
handle it. So...
here I come again!

This would be so simple!
And perfect for what I want...
only no white, I do off white!

But then I saw this!

I have an old stool just like this but
I am not a fan of the glass but Lowe's
has wooded pieces cut in circles that
would work great attached to the stool.
Perfect and since I don't care for
matching my tables one on some
side of the couch and one on the other.

Speaking of the couch, for months
I have wanted to build a simple
sofa table. I had in my mind how
I wanted to do it but looking at
this I like it too.

Okay, over that so on to
the windows and doors.

My windows only have  a
ledge like part on the bottom.
No wood or trim around the
inside windows.....

But this would be simple and add
so much to my windows.
Course doing the windows the
doors will need to be done too!

Last week this was my PINTEREST
dreams. I want the craftmans
style stairs.

This is what I have right now.

Then going up the stairs I would like to
make this corbel.


I want this for this area.

Another simple and easy project.

This one I would probably need to hire done.

I would like to have it done for
a separation of the living room and

Then I went on to craft projects.
I have this deep drawer and I did not
want to just throw it out so...

I decided that a cute stool
for your feet would be great.
And there would be storage!
I am all about storage.

Oh my gosh I love this. My
kitchen has no room for
an island since this house
was built long before islands were
the thing but something like
this would be amazing.

Before I saw the island thingy I
saw this~

And am now looking for a set
of Singer sewing machine legs
to do this. Only leaving
it black.

At some point while surfing that
P site I found this made from
pallet wood. Be great for growing


Found some cute crafts for the 4th of July.

Ran across this also.
A memory popped up, I
remember my granny having on.
I asked my two aunts on FB about
it but they could not remember
where it hung in the kitchen.
I thought I knew but in calling
my mom I was wrong.
She knew right where it hung.
Memories...and I so wished
I had the little things like
that from my granny's home.

Well since this post was really
I will close for now.

Thanks for stopping in,



Mildred said…
So sorry you had a bad day. Hope you will feel much better today. I enjoyed looking at all the great ideas. My favorite is the drawer made into a foot stool. I really like the sofa table and the planter also. Had a neighbor one time to have a similar planter on her patio.
Ann said…
I love Pinterest and can easily kill an afternoon searching for ideas. I love the table ideas. I saw one not too long ago made from two wood crates. I'm really loving the look of that sofa table.
Jeanie said…
I just can't seem to get into Pinterest. I save things now and then and never look at what I saved. Too much social media time for me. But it is a good library for a quick check--in to be sure.

You found some nice things. I hope by now you are feeling much improved!
Sandra said…
I like the ladder table, minus the license plate and it would be cute with a wood round on it. about the hanging chandeliers? think dusting, oh my.... that was my first thought, they have to be dusted... my fans are about to fall off the ceiling from lack of dusting.. the sofa table should be easy to do..
You can get so many ideas from Pinterest can't you? Love all the ideas you have. I really like the footstool too! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Debbie said…
i love pinterest and wish we had had it when we were younger, such fabulous ideas and crafts. i love repurposing those wooden ladders, they work great indoors or out. also the storage ottoman, that's a good one!!!
Liz A. said…
I need to follow you on Pinterest. Fun site. I hope you're feeling better.

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