Antique Shops and the Yard

Today I got a call from my
sis in law, Lori, she was at the
docs not far from the house and
wanted to know did I want to
have lunch.

I met her at Gondola House where
I ordered grilled chicken and
steam veggies.

Then I left her and decided I
had so much to do at home....
so I went antiquing instead!

One of my fav things is to
go to antique stores and
just walk around looking!
I just love seeing what is out there.
I got exercise in and I enjoyed
my time away from the house.

I had one of these as a kid!

Loved this and I took a pic so
I could copy it!

Look at the buggy stroller thingy!

Took a pic of this cause my
mom has one on her shelve in the
kitchen. I saw several of these.
One was 15.99, one 12.99
but at another store I found one
for 9.99 and it was full!

This one place I go in has a lot
more newer stuff then just
antiques. I took a pic
of this and sent to my daughter
via text. She loved it.
So I picked it up for 19.99
for her bday gift
(in Dec..)
Planning ahead!

I love this.
There was another one that
said Faith.

Blocks in a jar.

This lock was on the most amazing
old door.

There was this for 20.00.
I took a pic cause I remember
for years my mom had a red and
gold one on the coffee table.
Called her to tell her about it
and she said she still has it.

Old sewing machine.


Old suitcases.

Now onto the yard.
Have not been out and done
a walk about in the yard
for over a week so I had to
get it in before the rain moves in.

Not sure what this is.
I had plants given to me and
I am not sure if this is it or not.
I am letting this grow just to see
what it turns out to be.

My hosta is full. Might need
to consider thinning it out...

Couple weeks ago I saw a wasp
going in the birdhouse and there
he was again today...
So I guess he has made this
his home.

Why not, lots of room.

I have a crape myrtle that is as tall as
my two story home built on a brick
foundation. It is pink. But I
totally love the red, it looks like
velvet. I had to have one.
4 yrs ago I got one for 16.99
and I was a happy camper.

Here it is growing up on me!

Wild violets.

In front of the porch.
As you can see I have thinned the
hosta out before and they ended up here!
Plus I give it away too.

Not a fan of honeysuckle...
and it grows all along the creek.

One of my five hydrangea.
They have just started to leave out.

This is house leeks
(no clue of real name)
I have two sets of this.
In the fall right before it turns off
cooler, they bloom. The one I have had
for years is pink. This one is a rust color.

And my new canons a friend gave me
is doing well!

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Oh, I love old stuff!
I had hosta here, but DH mowed them until they wouldn't grow back. :-(
Not a fan of honeysuckle either. bleep bleep got in the grape vines ...
I enjoy going in antique shops. It's so much fun to see the old things. Your garden is awakening and will bring you much joy. Have a nice evening. ♥
Al said…
There's lots of neat old stuff in that store. Regarding Rock City, I don't remember Fat Man's Squeeze specifically, but I definitely remember a couple of spots where I had to turn sideways...
Debbie said…
sounds fun...better than anything you needed to do at home!! your garden sure is coming to life and looking good!!
Nancy Chan said…
Lots of antiques on display. Your garden is bursting alive with all the lovely plants. Have a wonderful day!
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, I LOVE antique stores! The one you visited looks great. Sadly my favourite store closed almost a year ago now but we do have a couple lovely stores in our little town.
Your garden is wonderful! Your hosta's are lovely.
Have a good day!
Jeanie said…
Your daughter is a lucky girl! Nice find, mom!

I love a good antique store and they do provide great photo ops. And I'm so impressed with the greening of your garden. Coming soon here!
Darla M Sands said…
Nice photos, as always. You have a good eye. And the plants look well. Happy gardening!
Sandra said…
my favorite thing about antique stores is the memories found from my child hood, most of the things I see my mother or grandmothers or aunts had one... stirs up all the memories.
Rhodesia said…
You would love our Vide-greniers (car-boot sales) that we have in France. There are some great antiques to be found amongst the 'rubbish' :-) Diane
Liz A. said…
Sometimes it's nice just to go out and look around.

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