Another This and Thank and A Visit with my Niece

Hello all,

Another day out and least the
first part.

Before going into that I just wanted to
post these.

These make the best storage containers. I keep them in my
pantry. These are what my protein shakes have came in after
my surgery. I am glad it hit me before I went to recycle them..

I took this at my brothers yesterday, this is Moose. Chocolate lab,
he usually goes to work with my brother but since Ray was hanging
at the house yesterday so was Moose.

This time of year I normally get lots of BLOOD SUCKER
bites. But so far this year it has not been so bad. I did
get one last week and this is the results still after a week.

Hoping that the change in meds since surgery will stop
being the dart board for misquotes but we will see.

Yesterday while Dakota and I were out, and yes, he
goes most places I do. We stopped to pick up some
drinks. Yes, I get Dakota his own drink.

Oh mom, that was nice and cool. haha

I have these hanging on the house.

I have this lighted plant hanger in the front yard but
during a wind storm the light part was blown off
and broken. I replaced it with a yard solar light.

Same thing happened to this in the garden. I picked this
up at Goodwill a couple years ago, it did not have a light
so I attached a solar light. It also blew off so I did replace
it last night also.

My niece sells esscential oils and she had ordered
some for me. Since she was off today I went to the house
to pick it up and to visit with her and the babies.

haha...and with that said let me also throw
out there that Paige's master is in the
running and managing of a horse barn. She has
been around them all her life.
Recently her barn was the home of a deer
she rescued. She was such a small thing
that for the first few months, the female
deer lived in the house just like Paige's
6 dogs. Then she was moved to the barn.
Recently when Paiges hubby started the truck
it scared the deer and she ran off but
up to that point there was never a
thought of her leaving.

Anyway, thanks for dropping in,


Liz A. said…
Wow, lots of critters.
S. J. Qualls said…
No mosquitoes here at the house, the birds keep them down. Normally they love me.
Your niece has some sweet babies!
Good the doe healed and could go back to nature.
Jeanie said…
You and Dakota are such good pals! Love the shopping expedition and the visit to the farm!
Darla M Sands said…
I tend to attract misquitos, too. It literally sucks. ~grin~ I loved all the animal pics. Nice!
Sandra said…
my cabinets and drawers are full of recycled containers, and these look like the best ever. people who have them should share them with others instead of trashing them. I have all kinds, and never buy organizers. mosquitoes love me and loved my mom, they never bit my dad or brothers.
Sally said…
In our family, the blood suckers seem to love me and great grandson! We've tried many different kinds of stuff, nothing works for us. :)

Those horses are so beautiful! My oldest great has been on a horse since before she was one. LOL

Anonymous said…
For a while I was saving all kinds of containers. I just threw out a bunch. Love all the animals.

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