Another Milestone for Me

First off let me say this...
But since I have been
trying to document my
journey with the
gastric by pass
surgery I am taking
more then I even

Posting this on FB
and everyone kept saying

Then one friend, a
former agent for the
TBI said
it looked like a
mug shot...

So I did one just for him.

I hit a new milestone
I am under
160 lbs!
Making that a total
of 43 gone.

My height says my goal should
be 130. I am going for 120
so another 30-35 lbs should
do it. If those lbs go
as fast as these did that will
take about 2 months.

I love it!

Thanks for stopping in,


baili said…
through your beautiful smile i can see the very strong and happy lady who can win any race with her positive strength and magical energy !
i am you are doing amazing and wishing you more best of luck for tasks ahead my friend.
stay blessed my dear
Cathy Kennedy said…

Way to go! I need to drop a few pounds. It's so easy to add the weight but taking it off is another story. Over the past three weeks, I've gotten really distracted in my dieting/exercise routine. I need to get on track again. Standing all of 5'2", five pounds too much looks like 10-15 pounds too many. I'll be purrfectly happy if I can drop ten pounds by June. I'm here rooting, "GO GIRL, GO!" :D
Donna said…
Hi Pam! Love the photo!
Just letting you know I Finally linked your blog to Bloggers Over 50...I work and we took off a few weeks to go camping so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it...Hahaa.
If you would, copy and paste the Blogging Over 50 button onto your blog so more people can find us.
Hope you have a super day and thanks for joining!
Admin of BO50
Personal blog, Made in Heaven
Darla M Sands said…
Way to go! I wish I had your will. You endure so much and retain a beautiful attitude, too.
Rhodesia said…
Well done, you are doing very well Diane
Sandra said…
until your surgery I thought a person had to weigh at least 300 to get the surgery. did not know you could get it for what you weighed. congrats on the loss and I like the second shot best to... using a phone is hard for selfies, I use my tablet and still don't love mine. but better than the phone.
Sally said…
You are beautiful, Pam! Congratulations for the amazing work you're doing to be the person you want to be. Much love to you!
Jeanie said…
I think you are doing great and look fabulous. And boy, that's a lot of weight. I really admire your efforts and very proud of you! Congratulations!
S. J. Qualls said…
The two photos look like two different people. It pays to look up, haha. Good for you to lose that much. I bet you feel a whole lot better!
Liz A. said…
Good luck. And hopefully you won't hit one of those plateaus...
Pam, you look very happy about your weight loss. Keep smiling and congratulations on your journey so far..Have a wonderful week..Judy
Ann Thompson said…
I like both selfies. Way to go on the weight loss
Mildred said…
You look happy and healthy! Congrats to you.
And I like your have so much to smile about, to be sure!
Red Rose Alley said…
That is awesome, Pam. It's so hard to lose weight, good for you!

I'm not a selfie taking person either. I think I've taken only a few in my life.

Betsy Adams said…
Congrats... You look AWESOME..... So happy for you and proud of you.

Cat Lover said…
Congratulations, you look so beautiful. Love the smiling photo!
Take care.
sage and spirit said…
Congrats on the milestone on the way to your goal!

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