Alphabet Challenge Z

Letter today is

And like the X
I am at a lost at what
to post for Z
so this will be a mix and
match of what starts
with a Z!

The best one is a
Very important cause it helps
in keeping you pants up and
your dress closed!

Fun times from elementary school.
Do you remember these?

LOL - post these right after I got up and
was not paying attention. Been brought
to my attention already that this
starts with an X.

Thanks for catching this.

And the horse with stripes!

Thanks for stopping in,


Sharon said…
Dear - that's a xylophone ... with an 'x'
Cat Lover said…
Hi Pam, zipper was the first word I thought of too!
Haver a good day.
MadSnapper said…
I have not one zipper on my clothes, the only zippers are Bob's jeans and his shorts he lives in...
Darla M Sands said…
The xylophone thing reminds me of when I first moved to this region of the US. I wanted to spell the town of Xenia like it sounds - Zenia. ~heh~ On another note (Oh, pun definitely not intended. ~groan~ Sorry!) about the instrument, there is a local artist called Car Seat Headrest with a song that features an actual xylophone solo. It's hilarious and amazing at the same time. Be well!
Debbie said…
awww, ya' did good!! when i saw "z" i immediately thought of zebra!!!
Everyone knows that the only reason Xylophone starts with an X is to give alphabet books something to picture for that letter. It Should start with a Z so nobody should criticize :))). I don't do the alphabet challenge memes because there are too many times I could never think of anything to post.
Al said…
The second one is definitely not a Z but the others count!
Ann said…
Some letters are harder than others. First word I think of for z is zoo
Rhodesia said…
Zebra is my favourite here. Well done you have made it :-) Diane
Anonymous said…
Cute Z post. I hope you are feeling better today.
Nasreen said…
I like your Z! You made a great mishmash!
There is a news TV mini series just out, Z, about the life of Zelda Fitzgerald.
Hootin Anni said…
That WOULD be quite a challenge with the 'z'. But you did great.
Liz A. said…
I've had fun with Z day in the past. One year it was "Zoinks". Another is was "Zonked". Good times.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh, the Xylophone. That plays such sweet music.

Happy May, Pam.

DeniseinVA said…
Fun to read Pam, thank you :)
Cathy Kennedy said…
Hiya, Pam!

I sorta dropped behind last month's A2Z venture visiting folks. Mega apologies for that, my friend. Indeed, the last few letters of the alphabet are challenging to come up with something creative. We bought one of those colorful xylophones for our kids when they were small. It didn't sound the best but they loved it. We got a nicer one for DD#1 when she was older and it sounded pretty good.

You're welcome to read my A2Z Reflections post when you have time. Did you do a reflections post? I didn't see it, so I thought I'd ask. Anywho, congrats on making it all the way to the end! Have a good week. ;)

Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “Z” (Zebras)

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