Alphabet Challenge Y - Yarn

Todays letter is the

and a Y is for

Don't you just love all the
colors that yarn comes in?

Yarn can make up beautiful

Or a baby gift.

For my great nephew.

A little hat.

More scarfs.

Or potholders.

And you can even wrap a wreath
with it to make a
door hanger.

Thanks for stopping in to view
my yarn works,


MadSnapper said…
so you knit TOOOO???? not fair, artist, painter, knitting, sewing and all the other things you can do, like build a sofa table. wow. I am impressed
Sharon said…
Pretty stuff!
Yarn makes a good story too ;-)
Jeanie said…
I have yarn overkill and since I don't knit much anymore I should just share it! But I keep thinking, maybe someday!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Rhodesia said…
Some great ideas there well done. Diane
Sally said…
Oh goodness, now Pam you have me wanting to learn (over again) how to crochet. I used to make afghans, and still have the one I made for Dad. But, even with a book and directions I can't seem to get it. I tried knitting also, and ended up with a piece of work that was about 20 feet long. LOL

I hope you're having as best a day as possible. I may be leaving on Monday for a few days, so if you don't see me, I'll catch up when I get back. :)

Ann Thompson said…
It's amazing how many different colors and types of yarn there are.
sage and spirit said…
Love this one! I am an avid sock knitter and I love yarn!
Darla M Sands said…
Nice! Just be sure Dakota doesn't ingest any, my friend. ~hugs~ Happy Blogging!
Liz A. said…
Or you could make a cover for your phone. Or ereader. Or a pillow to prop them up. Or a donut (just because). Or... Yeah, I've made some weird things...
Anonymous said…
You are so very talented. I love all this pretty yarn and the beautiful items you have creatively made. Hope your day is going better.
Debbie said…
y is for yarn, one of my very most favorite things!!!
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, you're a woman of many talents. How wonderful that you know how to crochet. My sister knits and crochets, and I think it's great. You've made some pretty things for the ones you love.


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