Alphabet Challenge Today is F - F for Flag

God Bless America
and the

Check out the flag I made
for a Christmas

Found this flag stuck in
the rock near a
high school.
It hangs

right in this area.
High school students
did this a few years
ago at the entrance of
their school.
I think it shows family
members that have served.

I took this pic about a year ago when
I was working at the TN
for the Blind School.
Winds were whipping
up that day.

The lower flag is the state flag.
Anyone know what the three
stars are for in the
TN state flag?

This next flag I also took
at a place of work
the winds were bringing
in storms that day.
This was taken at the
TN Bureau of Investigation.

I have been trying to make
door decorations for every
occasion. I made this for
July 4th, but realized that it could
be used for Memorial Day and
Veteran's Day.

I painted it on a wooden plaque.

Taken from my front door on
July 4th.

A beautiful barn out in the

Loving this mailbox.
I actually have a folder of usual
and cool mailboxes.
I thought this one was cool.
I love when people
show personality
through their mailbox!

Took this pretty shot from
a friends porch.

I really can't remember where
I took this next one.
Oh well, memory slips as you
get older...haha

Next two flags are the
TN state flag..
Christmas ornaments that
hang on my
Christmas tree.

The first was given to
me from my
boss of Photo Services.

This next one came from the
Governors Christmas party.
He gives them out to employees
that are there.

And here again back to the
ones I made for my
two amazing brother's
for Christmas.

And if you are wondering about
the three jobs I mentioned ....
I had 33 years with the
state of TN.
I worked for 25 years for the
Printing Division and Media
I put in 21 in printing
4 in photo services which fall
under the same division and
same department.
I jumped out of the box and
went to work for the TN.
Bureau of Investigation
for 7 years. A week before
turning in my retirement papers
I was asked to join the
TN School for the Blind.
I went there to work for one
year and due to health reasons
I finally retired.

I did retire in July of 2016.

Thanks for stopping in,


eileeninmd said…
Hello, Pam! I love your flag series. The mailbox is one of my favorites. Happy retirement, I retire Dec 2014, after working as civil servant for the city. Happy weekend to you!
Sally said…
There's so much to be said about our beautiful flag! These are really nice photos, I absolutely love the ones you made. I can see they're made using house shutters, at least that looks like. How clever and artistic you are! :)
S. J. Qualls said…
Nice collection of flag shots and memorabilia! Good choice for "F" for the alphabet challenge!
Nothing's prettier than stars & stripes waving in the breeze
Great patriotic images
sage and spirit said…
So creative....those flags you made! I love them! Nice photos for the alphabet challenge. It's a good thing to see people that appreciate our flag.
Debbie said…
The flag, perfect for F, you are quite crafty. Your homemade flags are beautiful!!
Mildred said…
I enjoyed seeing all the different flag pics but the ones you made are very nice. My mom lost her sight when I was a child and received training from the Atlanta School for the Blind. Nice to learn a little more about you. Have a great day.
Darla M Sands said…
Nice images! I used to express myself with my mailbox but the spousal unit insisted on an ugly but durable plastic beast. I don't have the skill to paint it. ~sigh~ Oh, well.
Rhodesia said…
A great choice for F especially the American Flag which everyone knows. Diane
Liz A. said…
Lotsa flags. Sorry, I don't know what the stars on the TN flag mean.

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