Alphabet Challenge T - Turtles

Todays letter is the

And the T is for

No silly not that kind...
The Mutant Ninja
Of course they
are just mere teenagers!

My fav Donatello AKA Donnie

Raphael AKA Raph

Michelangelo AKA Mikey

Leonardo AKA Leo

Gotta love a good turtle!

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Ann said…
When my son was little we constantly watched a teenage mutant ninja turtle video that he had. He loved those guys
Cathy Kennedy said…

Our kids used to watch this show. I always thought the idea of Ninja Turtles was funny but I don't recall seeing more than a few minutes of the program at a shot. Cute poem!

~Curious as a Cathy
Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “T” (Treehouse)
Sally said…
Different turtles altogether, and both interesting!
Darla M Sands said…
I remember enjoying the cartoon for a brief time. The "Ghostbusters" cartoon was better. ~grin~ Nice topic! I really liked the photo of the real turtle. Awesome find.
That turtle is striking a pose, isn't it? Very cute pics! Hope the weather is nice there and you're not having as much pain today. Sweet hugs, Diane
Sandra said…
my kids are way to old for these turtle guys, but I have seen them around and about on commercials and toys..
Betsy Adams said…
Cute post, Pam... I sorta missed all of the hype/info about Mutant Ninja Turtles, but I certainly know that MANY kids loved them --and still love them. CUTE.

We had over 5 inches of rain here the past 3 days... NEEDED it though after all of the drought we had last year.

S. J. Qualls said…
I like real turtles, also figurines of real turtles - Ninja turtles, not so much.
Yep, the grandson still loves turtles! And any kind! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
OK -- the first turtle (the 'not that kind' one) is my favorite. Because I'm about as old as that one is and definitely too old for the Teenage Mutants ;>)
Debbie said…
my children must be the same age as ann's. my boys grew up in love with those turtles and watched them on t.v. all the time. i'm sure we had all of the action figures they made, the were very popular and have made a big comeback!!!
Liz A. said…
They became popular for the first time when I was working for the evil toy store. I remember the first time someone asked for them. It sounded like a mishmash of words. Soon enough I would be very familiar with them.
Rhodesia said…
Ha ha love this post. Diane

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