Alphabet Challenge Q - Quilts


Letter today is

and Q is for quilts!

But boy do I have some
amazing quilts to
show you!

This was given to my
grandson for Christmas
my sis in law and
good friend Lori
made this for him.

This one is for my son.
Lori wanted to make him
one for when the nights get
a tad chilly out in California.

Yes, made from bandanas.

The back of Cory's quilt.

And of course I showed this
one in my
P for Purple post.

My quilt.

My colors.

and it has FLIP FLOPS!

From here on out I will
be showing quilts that
Lori has made.
Some she quilts on the machine
and some by hand.

A baby quilt.

Cute little frog quilt for
a baby.

Lap quilt for my
niece Jessica.

This one she made for my
nephew Cobi.


And if you look to the top you
will see Lori showing off her
Amazing job.
Oh yeah, keep this in mind,
Lori is self taught.

Loving the bright colors on these

So proud of her.

I love these colors.

Lori's quilt for her sweet dad.
We lost George two yrs ago.
He was an awesome man that
I came to love very much.
He would even introduce me
as his other daughter.

Tree skirt.

HAHA....Lori peeking out

Lori made this one for a friend
of the family, out of Crown
bottle holders that he supplied.

And I can't forget this..

A table runner Lori made
for me.

Lori is one talented lady.
Matter of fact, thinking about it
now, we have some really
talented folks in my family.

Hope you enjoyed the quilts.

Thanks again for stopping by,


Mildred said…
I have always loved quilts, both old and new. I especially love the tree skirt and table runner pictured here. I have really enjoyed your alphabet challenge.
Betsy Adams said…
Wow---what a gorgeous post showing all of those special quilts. Since I'm a Purple Lover---I love YOURS probably the most. However, I also love Blue ---so George's quilt is also a fav..... Lori is one very very talented. WOW... And you and the family are lucky to receive these beauties... WOW.

Sandra said…
they are all gorgeous, my colors and the two I want, are Lories 3rd place and the one above it... either of those would fit my home. hint hint
Debbie said…
WoW!!! what a gorgeous collection of quilts!! but that purple one, yes that purple on was made for me. i love purple and i wear nothing but flip-flops!! yep, that's a good one!!!

i did quilt when i was younger, but haven't done that in years!!!
Liz A. said…
Very nice. Those took a lot of work.
Rhodesia said…
There are some fabulous quilts there but my favourite is the one with flip flops :-) Keep well Diane
Ann Thompson said…
Awesome quilts. Rhere is just something about a handmade quilt.
Wow! Oh, and I love purple too!
What amazing quilts!!! Lori is a talented quilter. I like your's as well with the flip flops-very unique! Nice post for the letter Q. ♥
sage and spirit said…
Lori is one incredibly talented quilt-maker! Her work is gorgeous. And what I love the most....she makes them for family. How beautiful is that.
Denise inVA said…
Goodness these are all so pretty!!!
Cathy Kennedy said…

My belated MIL was a quilter. We have a couple of hers stashed away for safe keeping. In our early years, we lost a couple of them accidentally leaving them at the laundromat. At the time, I didn't put importance on the loss but now it breaks my heart to think that we lost this piece of her. Your SIL does fabulous work! Thanks for sharing and happy a2zing!

Art Sketching Through the Alphabet "R" (realistic rabbit & rascally roadrunner)
Jeanie said…
I collect quilts and I love seeing anyone's quilts, old or new. I'm not a stitcher so I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into them.

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