Alphabet Challenge O - Orange (color)

O is for


and what better
way to show
the color
Use an actual

When Caleb was younger
he followed every step
his nana took and
carrying a camera was
part of it.

He took this pic.

The squirrel was not at
all interested
in the orange like
butterflies are, he wanted
the bread.

Dinner out with a friend the
other evening and
I just thought my tea
looked yummy
with orange in it.

Of course a nice sunrise with
orange in
it is something

Sunsets are not so bad

I have never been really
big on wearing or decorating
with orange but
in the fall
orange is
I love the fall
colors including

Halloween offers
a great wide variety of

Bright orange.

To a reddish

My sis in laws and nieces
did a ladies night out
and went painting.

I love fall and I
love Halloween.

This is the door hanger I
made this yr for Halloween.
Painted on a ceiling ran blade.

I wanted to use up some
scrap wood and
decorate the house.

What better then

Ghost, witches and

This painting was done
when my sis in laws
and my nieces and I
did a ladies night

Painted this for my door
this past Halloween.
Yep, painted on a
ceiling fan

And what better way to
add orange then in
a witches hair!!


This little sweetie held
a lot of sweets during
Oct. on my desk when
I worked.
Every so often I will
have a couple of
friends to the house,
the love learning to

My best friend did a
great job on her
first painting.

Speaking of paintings....
I always manage to work
those in some

I painted this for a friend
for Christmas a few
years ago.
She loves roosters.

 And then of course
you have to have an
orange carrot
for the nose of

Of course I had
to post a
pic of
the UT

I pick up rocks when I travel
and I got this one
in Knoxville of


Orange you having a good day.

Thanks for stopping by,


S. J. Qualls said…
Lots of oranges! Not one of my favorite colors either, except in the fall ...
Ann Thompson said…
Orange is a pretty awesome color but I don't have any orange clothes
sage and spirit said…
I never really appreciated the color orange. It was just But your post has changed my mind! And since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I will definitely give the color orange another chance!

Mildred said…
Beautiful oranges! Like you, I adore Autumn and orange in the fall decor. The rooster you painted is gorgeous. Have a nice evening.
Orange is not a color that I wear or decorate with, Pam. I do love the color in the Autumn as the leaves turn a brilliant orange. You have featured some lovely photos of orange. I especially love the lovely sunrise and sunset. Your painting of the rooster is great! ♥
Debbie said…
A great representation of orange. As I get older, I like colors like red and orange more...

And it's a great color for fall and Halloween!! Beautiful images!!
Liz A. said…
Ah, my signature color. Orange is a wonderful topic.
Stephanie said…
What fabulous photos! I agree with Sage and Spirit about the color just gave me a new appreciation for the color :)

I wanted to thank you for the lovely visit to my blog and the sweet comment. Hugs to you!
Darla M Sands said…
Oh, bad pun. Awesome! And you’re so creative.
Cathy Kennedy said…

Oranges are tasty sweet, Smoky Mountains foliage ablaze with orange and reds, gorgeous Tennessee sunrises/sunsets, and nothings says Rocky Top better than the colors of Volunteer nation orange & white. I was getting worried that you were going to leave this one out but you plugged it in at the last. :) Thanks for visiting yesterday's post Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “O” (Owl). I'm a bit behind after my later afternoon dental appointment and am tyring to make my rounds this morning. Happy a2zing, my friend!
Rhodesia said…
Love the sunrise and sunset photos. Beautiful Diane
Sandra said…
my two favorite ORANGE is the squirrel and the tree that seems to be holding the sun in its arms. lots of great orange here
Red Rose Alley said…
Lovin' all the orange on here, Pam, especially those gorgeous sunrises. That iced tea picture is pretty cool. You know, I read one time that ORANGE is the happiest color, and I think that's true.

Great Orange post.


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