Alphabet Challenge K - Kin


My youngest brother Mark.
My sis in law Kim.
Married the silly guy in the pic
(Kim is the one with short hair)

My beautiful niece Holly.
We all dislike having our
pic made and she is so much
like her dad, Mark.

HAHA...and it funs in the family!
Silly, silly bunch.

My older brother Ray.

My other sis in law Lori, married
to Ray. My niece and nephew,
Jessica and Sean.

My niece, Ray's daughter Paige
and her hubby Adam.

My nephew, Chase. Ray's oldest.
Chase's wife Susan and my
great nephew, Cole.

In this pic is Paige, Chase and the
youngest my nephew Cobi.

My oldest grandson

My middle grandson, DJ
Dustin Jr.

My  youngest grandson, Braden

My daughter Amber and the boys.
I really don't have good pics
of Amber cause like me she
runs from the camera.

Amber again and my son Cory.

Cory again.

My beautiful daughter in law
Cory's wife, Brittney

And I can't forget my mom!
(that is me in the pic with her)

Okay so silly runs in the family!

This is a pic I took for Christmas
for Ray and Lori's kids.

Back row, left to right.
Chase, Sean, Adam and Cobi
front row, left to right
Jessica, Paige, Susan and the
sweetie Cole.

Gotta love kin!

Every other month or so
the ladies in the family get together
for ladies night out.

Susan and Paige were unable to make
this event.
Paint night.
Left to right
Lori, me, Kim, Jessica and Holly.

Thanks for stopping in,


Rhodesia said…
Great choice and you are so lucky to have kin. I am the last of our bloodline and have no blood relations left:-( Take care Diane
S. J. Qualls said…
How very nice to 'meet' your 'kin'!
Sandra said…
nice to meet your family and looking at the expressions I am trying to think how I would feel if it were Bob taking pics of me instead of me taking them of him. I do hate to be in front of the camera. now maybe I will leave him alone, maybe not
Debbie said…
awww, such sweet family photos!! you sure can tell their personalities in the images!!!
Sally said…
Such a beautiful family, Pam. I loved seeing the goofiness too; my younger bro is a goofball; somewhere I have a pic of him with a diaper on his head and another one where he put a bag over mine. I'm happy you guys are fun!

Looks like you have a big family. Nothing like family. Even the silly ones! LOL! I love laughter and humor in a family. Life is too short to be so dang serious all the time. Happy Easter Sweet Lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Anonymous said…
You've got a big family. I only had one brother. They all look like a fun bunch. Paint night sounds lkke fun. I've heard about other people doing that but I've never been able to find a place here that does that
Liz A. said…
Ah, the butt pic. We have a few of those in our family as well.
sage and spirit said…
Beautiful family! And great choice for the letter K!
Denise inVA said…
You have a lovely family, great seeing them and all their smiling faces. Love the silly, we can get a little silly too. Life is never boring when you can get your silly on :)

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