Alphabet Challenge I - Iris

Today it is

And with the letter I
I am showing you

Oh I wished I could remember
exactly when I painted this.
It was actually early on
in my painting life.

One of my fav paintings.

One of my fav shots.
The lighting was just perfect.

So far this baby has not bloomed
this year. Love this color.

Found these at our local library
by the play ground last year.

Another painting.

My teacher told me that an iris
was one of the hardest painting
of flowers to do....but I nailed it.
Seemed I was pretty good at it.

Keep in mind folks,
 I am 57 and I did
not start painting till I was

I did have a couple of art classes
in high school, for credits of course! haha
And never did anything when I left
school. One day I picked up some
color pencils and started drawing.
My mom suggested I take a painting
class and if I would she would
even pay for it.
I messed around and never
checked into it.
One day visiting my brother
my mom saw women going in a house
2 doors down, across the street and
they were carrying canvas.
Mom walked down there to check
things out. Got a phone number for
me to call. I ended up taking
painting from Shirley for 5 years.
Not that it took that long to learn,
it was a meeting place, a get together
with a great group of people.

So anyway, I learned that it is
never to late to learn something!

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
I don't have any here, but I love iris and all the color varieties.
Darla M Sands said…
You have so many amazing talents. Thank you for sharing.
Sandra said…
one of my blog friends taught herself to paint as an adult and is really good, as are you. I took art in 10th grade and my art teacher shot me down with her comments.. never tried again.. the iris is really beautiful as at all the photos. I love the metal one at the library...
Debbie said…
the iris - one of my favorite flowers BUT i say that about all the purple flowers!! your painting is gorgeous!!!
Rhodesia said…
Your painting is fabulous. Well done, I would have loved to have gone for lessons but it never happened! Diane
Liz A. said…
Very pretty. It's nice to have something you enjoy doing, isn't it?

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