Alphabet Challenge D - Dakota

What a perfect subject for
my D challenge today!
I would have called this
post DOG but you see
Dakota does not know
that he is a dog and I have
not had the heart to break that
news to him!

Dakota and I go back
10.5 years. Here is his and my story.

My daughter and her young son
decided that they needed a dog.
Actually I think Amber decided
Caleb needed one.
He had no interest in this
dog other then to
torment it! Caleb at that
time was an only child so all he
had was the dog. Only
Dakota was not that keen on
playing with him.

I think the story goes something
like this.....Caleb threw balls,
not for Dakota to go get, but at  him.
He chased him with remote cars...
Just stuff like that.

Six months after getting Dakota
(surprised he lived that long) they
moved and could not have a dog.
It was, "mom can  you keep him
till we find him a home"?
I knew how that would go and it
did. I started looking for him
a home cause you see Amber and
Caleb had lived with me for 6 yrs and
I wanted my home to myself
and me not to have to answer
to anyone or have to be
there for anyone
(remember, he don't know he is a dog)!

I had just laid new flooring and
carpet in the house and I could
not bear coming home to a mess
from work all day and I am
sorry but I am not a crater.
I don't crate my dogs.

Anyway, my mom said I could bring
him to her house everyday while I
worked and here I thought
I finished up with the day care
trips years ago.
But mom had dogs so he enjoyed
himself when I worked.

Like I said, I started looking for
a home for him CAUSE I was
NOT keeping him.
I found something wrong
with each person that showed
interest. You see Dakota is a strange
fur baby and I had to find the right
fit. I had him for six months
when it hit me....I was the
right fit!!

He will have been with me for 10.5 years
in August.

This little shi.....I mean my fur baby
wiggled his way into my
heart, home and bed!
Yes folks, he sleeps with me.

He has brought me tears, he has
brought me to smiles and
made me bust out laughing
at him (I like to think
with him).

If you have ever watched the
Big Bang Theory then
you know Dakota's
for he is Sheldon in
a dogs body!!

He hates change, don't mess
with his routine.
He likes things his way and
he will let you know it.
"No don't sit there, that is
my spot", I see this comment
in his eyes all the time.
Life has to be about him!
He will get excited when he sees you
but then it has to go back to
him when he flips over for a belly
He don't like people easy.
He talks back when I am not
moving fast enough to
get a treat or open the
door, he does this in the
form of a grunt.
Yep, like a pig grunt!
He has to be fed right on time
and he will let you know when
it is treat time.

Yep...he is my Sheldon
fur baby

He is very smart...
yep, there again like Sheldon.
He will, it thinks he really has
to, do tricks for treats.
He knows about 10 to 12
tricks. I make him to them
now and then just so he
doesn't claim to have
forgotten them!

He farts.
He burps.

Usually the farts are in the
evening when he is laying
on the couch next to me with
his rear up next to my leg and
the smell filters its way from
under the cover up to my nose.

He don't like anyone in his face
so I make it a point to get in
his face and love on him.
After all these years he
finally excepts that I am going
to do that and most days he
takes it like a champ.
But then there are those days
that he burps in my face or
just plain turns away.

But truth be known, he knows
he has it good.
He was nicknamed
THE KING when I first got
him due to the fact that
he thinks he is KING!

But all in all, he brings me
happiness. He is best friend,
my bud, my KING,
my Sheldon.
And I love him with all
my heart.

So when you think of the letter
D - think of my baby!

Thanks for stopping by,


Darla M Sands said…
I'm so glad he has you. My parents adopted a dog that was going to be euthanized after turning mean from childrens' abuse. They gave Rocky a loving home for many years. I used to call him Rockstar. ~grin~ Nice use of the letter.
Debbie said…
awww such a sweet love story (except for the farts) you guys sound like the perfect fit!! i have wanted a dog/puppy for the longest time but the hubs and i like our freedom now that the nest is empty. one day, i'm sure!!

sheldon, i mean the king, i mean dakota...what a cutie!!!!
Rhodesia said…
Love this Post. I so miss not having a dog around. Had them all my life but when we moved to France we said no to another one because we wanted to travel. It was the right move, but oh how I miss not having one. Take care and enjoy him while you can. Diane
S. J. Qualls said…
Dakota looks about the size of my Jack. That's a good size for a personal dog. Not too big for the bed, but big enough so you don't squash him. :-)
Awwwwwwwwwwww, Dakota has stolen my heart!! Precious.
Liz A. said…
Sheldon... LOL
Mildred said…
Dakota is cute as can be! Sounds very much like our Theo.
Sandra said…
great story and so happy for both of you that you kept him, problems and all.. I love that pic of him sleeping on the back of the sofa... we have a king much like him. also Dakota is very handsome,just like Sheldon. and Sheldon is hard to love and good to love.
You and he are both lucky!
sage and spirit said…
You and Dakota were meant to be together! I just love dog stories with a happy ending!
AW! A match made in heaven! This post made me smile - and laugh out loud! One of my dogs burps loudly, too! He's such a cutie-pie! x Karen

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