Alphabet Challange W - Women

TODAY's letter
is the

for Women.

How about paintings of the
women I have done.
We can call this the
Women's Series

This painting was my very first
women's painting was
also my second painting period.

Yep, I really bit off more than I
could chew (paint ) with this one...
but I managed it. What is really cool
about this painting is....
my son when he was a lot
younger thought this painting
was cool. A few years ago I was
going to sell it off but I talked with
Cory first, he did not want me
to sell it. He said he wanted it.
That really touched me.

Moving on...

I studied painting in my later
years, I was 42.
And I started with oils.
Actually I worked with acrylics in
high school on the two paintings
that I did paint.
But I love oils.

This one is painted on a larger canvas
and hangs in my spare room.

This little woman I sold to
a woman I want to school with.

If you have picked up on anything
while you have been reading my
blog you will know that I love

So this post was almost about that movie!
But...I decided to go this way instead.
I painted the above painting for my
niece. She loved the movie WICKED
and introduced me to it.

One more oil. Given as a gift.

Being an artist is not easy cause
people really don't like purchasing
paintings, esp. oils, they sell for a
bit more cause of the cost of the

So I actually moved on to

Donated this painting below to an
auction we had at the school last
year. I worked for the TN.
School for the Blind.

I was house sitting at my brothers
a couple years ago and to pass the
time I painted this one.

When my sis in law saw it
she fell in love with it.
When she came home it
was there waiting for her.
It hangs beside her dressing table
in the bathroom. She loves hats.

So last year when her and my brother
were out of town I was house
sitting again, it was Lori's bday
so I painted this to go with the
other ladies.

Drink anyone?

How about a swim?

Better yet how about a drink out
after the swim?

One of my favs. Love the colors.

Red lips.

Couple of dresses.

And the shoes.

Thanks for stopping in to view my
letter of the day.

If you notice in my paintings they are either
hiding behind hats, or a side view or
from the rear. I can't paint faces to


sage and spirit said…
Each and every painting is gorgeous! Talented, talented woman.
Pam! You are a talented painter! I love that your son has that first painting--it's beautiful! Thank you for sharing the ladies tonight! ♥
Liz A. said…
I was going to say something about all the rear views.
baili said…
Amazing !!!
you are gifted my friend, all paintings speak your inner beauty and sensitive approach towards life .
each piece of art is captivating .
Jeanie said…
I love seeing your paintings, Pam, and you have your own style, which I think is sometimes hard to master. Very nice. (I can't do faces well, either!)
Darla M Sands said…
You are truly talented. Thanks for sharing!
Sandra said…
these are amazing, my faovrites are at the end, the one with lines and lips and the two do you want a drink, and the one with the floppy hat over her red lips. that is the style I like, so that is why they are my favorite. that said, the are all beautiful.
loved you Dane comment, my husbands dauther has 2 deaf danes..
Ann Thompson said…
Love all your paintings. You're very talented. Ive always wished I could paint
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my gosh, these paintings are great, Pam. My favorite was the first one with the woman and red roses, sooooo pretty. : )

Keep painting, it's such a talent.


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