Alphabet Challenge R- Red

Todays letter is the

for the color


For those that are new to my
blog you are not
aware that each
year I paint a
Christmas scene and
make it into my
Christmas card.

Here is an example.
Painted in the color

Another Christmas
card showing the

Course we can not forget
Frosty and the
he wears.

And for those that
don't know me that fav movie
of all time is the
Wizard of Oz
and the ruby

And moving on
RED in the
Painted this one for
my mom and it
hangs above
her bed.

One of my fav paintings below.
I actually painted this one
for myself but was offered
a price and I let it
go....but I do have a print
hanging of it in my
living room.

Nothing better then
Or strawberries
for that matter.

Since I mentioned something
RED that you
can eat take a look
at this commissioned
piece. He daughter
loved cupcakes.

RED in the Blazing Sun.
This hangs in the
entry way of my
oldest nephews home.

Did you used to have a

Both the bed in the wagon (above)
and the one
below I sold.

Gotta love a
RED wagon.

Below....check out this
dark RED.
Painted this for my
sis in law for
her bday one year.

Painted this piece in class.
I ended up donating this
for an auction.

One of my totally least
fav paintings.
The birdhouse in the
garden with
a bunch of

HAHA....and a round
ball or sphere in

My niece got this one.

This was painted for
someone that was very
special person that
was once in my life.
He loved Red Skelton
and this is my version
of a famous
Skelton painting.
Check out the

Don't get excited about
the name on
the CD cover...
it is not that
Richard Carpenter.

My sis in laws cousin
is a local songwriter
singer in Nashville.
He has played background
on several famous
He was cutting this
CD of Christmas songs
and asked me to paint
it, putting him in the

light bulbs and Merry

Now....last but not
I used to paint items
for a non profit
called Kids on
the Block.

Here are some of the
paintings I donated to
their yearly fund

Chairish the Sunlight.
With RED curtains
and rug.

Chairish the Peace
with a
chair for relaxing.

Then there was
Charish Grandma's Porch!
I loved the RED chair, so
much like my grandmas chairs
that sat on her big front porch.
The memories.

Yes, Chairish is spelled wrong for
a reason. Each year the Kids
would do a fun raiser
centered around
People would donate some
cool and amazing
handmade chairs.
Photography of chairs,
paintings of chairs ...
whatever centered around
that theme.

That is my outlook
through my paintings
that include
the color

Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Lots of red. Now you need to combine your red post with your purple post and show the colors together...
Sally said…
Pam - you are such a wonderful artist! Wow! I love these all, but especially the one of the old pump. Sure reminds me of the pump that was at the backdoor of my grandmother's house.


Pam, you are so talented! I love red and use it in my home everywhere! Your paintings are wonderful. Have a great weekend. ♥
Sandra said…
I love the red blazing sun and the red chairish.. those are my favorites. I love the color red and you have so many examples of it here. I love red shoes and red flowers.
I always wanted one of skeltons originals...and then visiting an art studio some years ago I almost fell over dead when I asked the price of a print!!

I am truly admiring your art work Pam!!!
Debbie said…
WoW-zers, what talent you have, your Christmas cards are gorgeous!! I am enjoying all your colors, you are doing a fine job. Have a wonderful weekend!!
Ann Thompson said…
Love all rhe red paintings.
sage and spirit said…
Love all your paintings, especially the one of Grandma's Porch. My grandparents had those old metal chairs and I always loved them!
Red Rose Alley said…
Pam, I love the color RED, so your post spoke to me. I always have to stop for red flowers. That's nice that you paint a Christmas scene every year and make it into a card, so creative. We can't forget Dorothy's red slippers, and the red wagon paintings are charming. Love that picture of the single red chair. You are a woman of many talents, Pam.

Rhodesia said…
Pam your paintings are beautiful. I wish I had more time to paint but I am not anything kike as good as you. I am reasonable at animals but I cannot paint good backgrounds :-( Take care Diane
Darla M Sands said…
I can't believe how diversified your talent is. Very nice!

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