A - is for A

I am doing the 

Sometime ago I started
out trying to locate
items that looked
like the alphabet!

When I was having some 
work done on the house
a few years ago I pulled
in the driveway and
was greeted with 

Thanks for stopping in, 


Mildred said…
What a creative post for "A" - I love it!
sage and spirit said…
You know, that's really an interesting photo challenge! I'm curious to see how the alphabet photos progress!
Sandra said…
wow, it is the perfect A... you do have an eye for details
Definitely fits the tab for "A"!!

on your sidebar I see a picture of your grandson...how precious.
Darla M Sands said…
Awesome! I'm so glad you're joining us. Today is our 'off' day but I'm planning on searching out other "A" posts anyway. I think a lot of people are in different time zones or just got started later than me yesterday. ~grin~ Happy blogging!
Rhodesia said…
A perfect A, well done. Diane
Liz A. said…
Which means you're the only one who is going to have to trouble with X. Although, I think Q's going to be a challenge ;)
Jeanie said…
That's a GREAT A! I love seeing those things where people spell out their name in photos that look like the letters. You have a good start. Now, for the P and the M!

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