Wall Decorations

A while back I posted
a pic of the
gallery wall above
my couch.

My mother, who prefers
simple hates my wall.
I on the other hand...
LOVE it.

Anyway I thought I would post
things on the other wall today.

I have a table on the wall
between the window
and the door.
On that table I have this
lantern I picked up
a couple of years
ago a Old Time

Looking at it today I decided
it needed something.

So I added some acorns and
spike things from a tree.
I already had a metal
candle holder with
a glass insulator turned
upside down in there to make

On the table also is a pic that
was taken a LONG
time ago! haha
My dad, mom, 2 brothers
and I.
In the smaller frame
is a pic of my dad and uncle.

The round thing is something
I made a long, long time
ago in Art in school. I use
it for this and that.

Looks like it has a
lot of that in there!

 The other side of the table
holds two  potpourri holders
I made.
Both from wooden
candle holders painted black
and Dollar Tree glass holders
attached with E6000 glue.

Behind them is one that
a friend of mine gave
me for my bday one year.
Thanks Cindy!

The flowers I picked up at
Kroger yesterday.
Fav color is purple so
I grabbed these!
I go to the marked down
section and at least every
other week or so I get
flowers for....
of course.

I put these in a purple vase
that contained an arrangement
from Edible Arrangements I
got in the spring when
I ended up in the hospital
from an infection.

I love the colors together.

Above the table hangs two
photos of waterfalls
taken in Gatlinburg.
Seems photography runs in
the family,
my nephew took these.
His dad is also a good

Love my & sign. I
picked this up at Hobby Lobby
a couple of years ago for
a wedding shoot.

And this is what it all looks like
when pulled together.

Thanks for stopping in,


Sandra said…
I am of the belief we should decorate Just for Ourselves Alone... some like it plain and some like it not so plain. your room looks lovely.. my mother would love every single thing in the room and on the wall. I am on the simple side. I have less on the walls in my whole house than on your one wall.. but that doesn't mean I don't think it is really pretty. what I like for me is to walk in a room and think, I love this room...
Photos of family and places we enjoyed are wonderful to display as they can be looked at and enjoyed daily. I like the ones you posted he,re, Pam. And purple is my favorite color too!
Darla M Sands said…
I remember years ago when my mother-in-law rather kindly commented that I might want to put out fewer things to maximize their impact. In my case, she was right. I guess I like simple now, too, but you create museum quality displays. It makes the world of difference. Nicely done.
Carraol said…
Beautiful gallery of moments and taste, your image wall looks superb!

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