The Tool Peg Board

I got so tired of digging in
my SUV of Tool Boxes for
a screw driver or hammer.

This baby is pretty deep and
just no real slots
for certain tools.

So I got peg board
and these little
things that are made
for peg boards.

And I hung this today in the
store room off the pantry since
I had the wall space.


Under that is a book shelve unit
that was left here
when I moved in yrs ago.
I took it off the wall and
painted it,
it now sits in the floor with
things stored on it.

I think this will work better
for me.

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
That's a good solution if you only use your tools in the one location. I've seen similar setups. Glad it'll work for you.
Debbie said…
What a nice job you did. I agree - it's perfect!!
S. J. Qualls said…
I like that! Neat way to keep your tools. I would consider it also, except I have tool thieves in my family and the only way for me to keep any - is by hiding them!
Mildred said…
My late dad always organized his tools like this and it makes everything so easy to find. You did a great job. Enjoy your Friday.
Sandra said…
great idea. bob has a peg board and it has so much hanging on it I have to ask him where something is. he reaches out and hands it to me and I was staring at it but could not see it. since this is yours, you will be able to find things quickly
Darla M Sands said…
Cool! A previous homeowner had some pegboard installed and it does come in handy for my garden tools. Be well!

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