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My brother bought
a house and left outside
was this table.
Cool, farmhouse
type table that just
needs a little love.
I started stripping it several
years ago but life, work
and health got in the
way of me finishing it.
Now that I am retired
I plan on finishing it this
summer. The chairs I
purchased for $40.00 for
all four.

The quilted runner in the center of the
table was made by
my sis in law Lori.
And the kettle in the center
of the runner was
given to me by a friend..

My mom made my curtains out
of cream colored sheets.
The stool in the corner
I picked up for
$20.00. I plan on
recovering the white
cushions when I redo the
The adorable cabinet I
got a couple years ago
at a local antique shop
for $160.00. It will also
be getting a redo since
I have not touched it
since buying it.

Above the cabinet you will notice
my collection of tins. This collection
started just cause I wanted
something on my shelves!
But several are collectable tins from
Hersey candy and Crayola crayons.

This is a few of
my antique buys I hung
on the wall. The bird plaque/planter
was given to my mom
by her grandmother when
my oldest brother was
born. There are
three of them hung around
the tins.

On the other side of the cabinet
I have more treasures hanging.

Here is another shelve that I
hung above the pantry
door. More tins along
with an antique grater, antique
recipe holder and egg holder.

I have this drawing hanging on
one wall. I drew this
years ago. The cup
hanging below the drawing
used to be my baby cup.

Hanging near my back
door I have this cross
stitch picture. My
great aunt had one like
this hanging in her
home. After visiting
her I ran home and
made me one!

Hanging off the cabinet is this
runner my mom did when my
oldest brother was young.

A view of my kitchen
cabinets. I started these
a couple of years after
I moved in. I have been
here now 25 years.

Another view of the
cabinets. My son helped
me stencil the ivy on
the doors. He was maybe 10
at the time and he will
be 30 in July.
Picked up this glass
Ms. Butterworth bottle
for $2.00, I have seen
them for sale from 8.00 to

Next little find is the metal
pitcher. My brother rented
his house and when the
renter moved out this
was left behind.

I have these hanging on the side
of my fridge. I made these
for my mom years ago. She
recently decide after all these
years that I needed them

More treasures. I picked up the
hanging ones at
an antique shop.
Sitting on the shelve is
an ivory handle razor.
Found that on the bank of
the local man made lake.
When the lake was made
they flooded farm land.
Homes, barns, things
left in them....all flooded.
The crochet piece was
made by my mom.
And the cross stitch
piece I made.

Close up of the cross stitch

Standing in the kitchen
looking out to my
screened in deck.

Hopefully in the next
few weeks I will be
repainting the cabinets
and redoing the kitchen.

Thanks for stopping in,


Mildred said…
Happy First Day of Spring! You have so many neat collections. I love the tins. And your cross stitch and embroidered pieces are wonderful. How sweet that you have your baby cup, too. I look forward to seeing the changes you have planned. Have a great day.
S. J. Qualls said…
You have a lot of things to pack away or yard sale before painting. Our kitchen was redone about 5-7 years ago. Sorting it all out was a real chore. I envy you, not.
Sandra said…
from looking at all this I know you will never be bored with retirement, I like the table and the glass butterworth bottle. and I need the killer dust ball signs because I have many of them, dust balls not signs.
Darla M Sands said…
Somehow this takes me back to my childhood, standing in my maternal grandparents' kitchen. Thank you for the fond recollection.
Debbie said…
WoW!!! your kitchen is very inviting, filled with so many special and unique pieces!!! i enjoyed this peek into the most important room in your home!!!
Betsy Adams said…
Hi Pam, GREAT post... You have so many memories and so much history right there in your kitchen...

The cross-stitch piece about the dust balls made me laugh... I need that one!!!!!! Lots of dust bunnies around here!!!

I've got a cute little cross-stitch piece which is a picture of a sheep with the words: "Ewe's not fat; ewe's fluffy!" Cute, huh?

Enjoy that kitchen. I love it.

Liz A. said…
Your kitchen has a very country feel. Nice.
sage and spirit said…
I love your kitchen! All those treasures! It must feel so good to be surrounded by such memories!

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