Surgery Update

Hello all,

Went for my week check up after surgery.
All is well, doc was pleased and so was I.

I lost 11 lbs before surgery and for the
this week I lost 12 lbs.

I get to move to stage 2.
I get to leave the broth behind and
say hello to Protein Shakes.
Thicker and I get CHOCOLATE!
I will do this for 7 days then I move
to soft or blended food for 2 weeks.

And I am on my way.

Thanks for stopping in,


Thank you for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! I'm glad to hear that you've got a good report. Sounds like progress. May all go well toward your goal of being healthy.
S. J. Qualls said…
So! Congratulations on the progress! Are you still at your mom's or are you home now? Now you have to start looking at clothes, eh?
Stay well!
Liz A. said…
Sounds like all is progressing well.
Anonymous said…
So very happy that you get to drink your shakes period that we will be gone and you'll start something else good luck with this
Betsy Adams said…
Glad you are doing so well. I know how happy you will as you can gradually eat more of the foods/drinks you want... Keep up the good work...

You asked if we were close to the Smokies... We live near Crossville --about an hour west of Knoxville. It takes us about 2.5 hours to get to the Gatlinburg area.

What is your email? Mine is

It was great to read about your progress following your surgery, Pam, which my SIL also underwent a few months ago. I hope that you continue to do well and watch the numbers go down. Thanks too for your recent visist to am a new visitor to our blog, The Frog and Penguinn blog.

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