Shopping Day

I have been staying in pretty much
since Sunday evening.

The flu and strep throat is
running wild in the
Nashville area, I don't
need to catch anything since I
am still in recovery.

But I just had to get out today.
It was pretty, sun was out nice
and bright.

Made a run to the Hobby!
Yep, Hobby Lobby one of my
all time fav places.

My brother Mark gave me a
gift card for my bday for that place.
I had used some on there but
I still had more, and still have
about eight left.

I needed a hoop. No clue
what I did with mine since I
have not done any cross stitch
in a long time.

Picked up two of these.

Got a cream color and an oatmeal
color for my up coming
Christmas ornaments.

After I left there I went to
Old Time Pottery
another fav place.
My older brother Ray had
given me a gift card a couple yrs ago
for that store for house
and dog sitting.
I used a little on it and after
what I spent today I still have
22.00 left on that one.

I got a couple of these hooks
for the front and back doors.
I have a white one on the front
but its white. I actually got
two black ones this time.

I have been wanting one of these
birdhouses for awhile.
Got this one for 6.99.

Picked up two plant stands.
One taller than the other.
I am going to use it for a side
table next to the glider.
It was 19.99 on sale for 14.99.
The smaller one was 14.99 and I
got it for 9.99.

When I go to Old Time Pottery I
love to go up and down all the rows.
Found a section of books on sale.
I read a book by this author in
high school, the book was Rebecca!
Daphne DuMauriers name jumped
out at me so I thought for 2.99
I would give this read a try.

Love this....going in the garden for sure.

I broke my glass spoon holder the other day
so I grabbed this while I was out there.

Got a couple of decorative rocks also.
99 cents each.

I love finding bargains and I love
finding things to put in the
garden and on the deck.
But what I love more is
having gift cards to cover all
I bought!

My kind of shopping!!!

Thanks for stopping in,


Liz A. said…
Daphne DuMaurier was a popular writer in the '30s, I think. I loved Rebecca.

Sometimes it's nice to get out and shop. I know what you mean.
Sandra said…
you sure found a lot of real deals, love the bike and love that birdhouse. you have very generous siblings.. i have never seen the Old time pottery store. great job spending those cards
Shopping is fun especially when you have unused $$ on gift cards. Looks like you had a fun and productive outing, Kim.
Rose said…
Love having gift cards to shop with. I have gotten till I just use a plate or a cereal bowl to place my spoon in, bowl it I am using a ladle in something.

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